pokemafia again baybee

  1. Zaazaa0

    Pokemafia 4: Brilliant Village & Shining Mafia

    Welcome to Pokemafia, the game where you PM me any Pokemon and that Pokemon becomes your role! [/SPOILER] Players: 1. ashtrayscomics 2. aegagrusScholarship Meowstic (Village) 3. greenchu Feebas (Village) 4. hobohunter Floette (Village) 5. TheTRUEgge Togekiss (Village) 6. Cirr...
  2. LucarioOfLegends

    Mafia Pokemafia 3: Oh God Not Another One Edition

    Well we haven't had a Pokemaf game in 2020 yet and I went creatively bankrupt months ago, so here we are. For anyone new to Pokemafia, make sure to read the rules completely. This game is a doozy. As for signups, I'll keep it open for a bit so we can get a solid amount of players...