1. Trollkitten

    Written Fan Teen The Daily Conspiracy Pokedex

    The following text is translated from a mysterious journal picked up several months ago at the Malie City Community Center flea market and donated to the Malie City library. While the journal itself is written in code, the champion of Alola's Rotom dex has been working tirelessly to translate...
  2. SprungGeoduck

    Play by Post Design-a-Dex Workshop: Togetherness Edition!

    UPDATE: 17/2/2022 So it's been two months. This got slightly out of hand. Welcome to the Weigo region! If you're new around here, here's a quick primer to get you started in case you want to join the fun. Most up-to-date region/lore masterpost (huge thanks to @theCape for collating all of...
  3. DIO

    Art Showcase General Painted Pokedex

    EDIT: Project dead, sorry :( Ending the vitriol towards MS Paint once and for all by digitally painting all how-many-the-fuck-there are Pokemon in them. Drawing in MS Paint was getting physically and mentally straining, so now I'm using Clip Studio. Mirror links are hosted on Imgur because...
  4. Ionbird

    Screenshot Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Written Log Teen Commentary Other Adventure The Quest to Catch 'Em All - A Multi-Game Dexlocke

    The Quest to Catch 'Em All Hello, Ionbird here. I've done quite a few Nuzlockes over the years but this is the first time I will record one here online. I'm mainly choosing to do a written log run and trying to take pictures of my 3DS since I don't have a capture card and don't do emulators...