1. DrCools

    [UCL3] Applied Biochemistry - Poison Monolocke through eight regions

    Hello everyone! This is my first run on these forums and I hope you enjoy. I am doing a Poison monolocke.
  2. Saki Nikaido

    Kanto General Lucy's Miasma Collection, Part 1: Kanto

    Time for something a little different!
  3. Memento

    Screenshot Johto Mature Plain Venom: A HeartGold Poisonlocke and SoulSilver Normallocke

    Welcome to the newest version of Plain Venom! What is Plain Venom, you ask? It's two Nuzlockes in one: a HeartGold poisonlocke and a SoulSilver normallocke. Anyway, here are the rules: I want to give warnings for violence, swearing, substance abuse, and gender dysphoria. Now, without further...