pmd dx

  1. Moon

    Nature's Madness - A playthrough of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX.

    Hellooooooooooooo! I got bored so this exists now. It's PMD DX! Not a nuzlocke! so uh here it is!
  2. cyndakip

    Written Story General Where You Belong: A PMD Rescue Team DX Story

    Hi I’m cynda “too many projects” kip and when I heard they were remaking the original PMD games, I couldn't resist writing something for it! Heck, it’s what finally convinced me to get a Switch. Red Rescue Team was actually the very first video game I ever had, so it has a very special place in...
  3. Erberor

    Written Story Spin-off Teen Other Adventure Open Skies

    The world's a little broken... well, a lot broken, really. But that doesn't mean we can't pick up the pieces and build something better. And we'll do it together. Rated Teen for mild violence