1. RisingMew

    » Mew's Musings // Plotting a Black Ver. Chesslocke!

    « Mew's Musings » a place for me to ramble about anything and everything I like journaling--at least when I can type out my journals, that is! So I figured I'd write a little blog thingie and keep my writing skills sharp while I'm in-between runs. And also when I'm in the middle of runs...
  2. SimplyUnknown

    Building Up a Brilliant Run

    Like many people, I started playing Pokemon long before I started nuzlocking. However, the first Pokemon game I ever owned was a copy of Pearl (and only because the Gamestop I was allowed to go to only had Pearl in stock). So you can imagine that the Sinnoh region is very important to me, being...
  3. SimplyUnknown

    Process Plot Donations

    There are plenty of nuzlockes here on the forums, as well as posted to other sites. However, it is also a given fact that there are stories that everyone comes up with that they want to write, but never get around to. Maybe the story would work best for a game or region that you personally don't...
  4. GreyestGray

    Soon to be something

    frick, I suck at progress :slowpoke: but I'm getting somewhere now! ... I think. I'm currently in the progress of my first Nuzlocke comic! I've been wanting to do a comic for so long, but have been unable to do so for various reasons But now I officially have a game finished, notes taken, and...
  5. Rumors

    A Writer's Rambling and Ranting

    So, it has gotten into my mind recently that maybe I ought to just start talking about writing and stuff. I have thoughts and opinions and, apparently, some people like to hear thoughts and opinions. According to Douglas Adams, listening to other people's opinions are a very good way to make...