play by post

  1. EeveeFTW

    Apps Open Roleplay Word of the Week

    I need something to scratch my creative itch so here we go. Welcome to Word of the Week, and Epithet Erased inspired RPG! Knowledge of Epithet Erased isn’t required though! For those not in the know, Epithet Erased has a simple premise: Some people are inscribed with Epithet, a single...
  2. Mr Spaz

    Play by Post The Karaoke Game

    This game has a simple premise. 1 person posts 2-4 lines of a song, and the next person must post 2-4 lines of another song, but their lyric must contain the last word of the previous selection. Rules Include the title/artist of your song after your lyrics. You can use alternate forms of the...
  3. solaris127h

    Create a character that beats the previous one

    Here's a game that was pretty fun awhile back on the tapas forms: make a character that beats the one above you! You need to provide the following: Picture (any quality, digital, traditional, mspaint, but we need a face!) Name: Claim: Strength: Weakness: I'll start! Name: Ricky the...