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  1. A girl plays Pokemon

    Video Sinnoh Teen Mon Pokemon Platinum Randomized Nuzlocke - Game of Thrones Themed

    My first Pokémon Platinum Nuzlocke! With a Game of Thrones twist. A friend convinced me to do and record a nuzlocke run. I am not experienced with nuzlockes so it will probably be a mess :) The only nuzlocke I have finished is a Let's Go Eevee. I am also not very familiar with all of the...
  2. CompleteWingback

    Sinnoh Written Log "Thanks, Drayano II: Suffering for Charity in Renegade Platinum"

    Greetings, mortals. After finishing "Thanks, Drayano: A Pokémon Storm Silver Charitylocke", I've decided to do it all over again but on a different hack. Drayano's last work before retiring, Renegade Platinum, is an enhancement hack of Platinum that does what we've already seen from Drayano in...
  3. N.F. Platinum Relaylocke! Episode 3: This Is (Hopefully) Fine

    N.F. Platinum Relaylocke! Episode 3: This Is (Hopefully) Fine

    nuzlockeforums - Pokémon Platinum - Twitch
  4. N.F. Platinum Relaylocke! Episode 2: Time For The Gym and A New Starter

    N.F. Platinum Relaylocke! Episode 2: Time For The Gym and A New Starter

    nuzlockeforums - Pokémon Platinum - Twitch
  5. N.F. Platinum Relaylocke! Episode 1: No

    N.F. Platinum Relaylocke! Episode 1: No

    nuzlockeforums - Pokémon Platinum - Twitch
  6. Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg1

    Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg1

    (originally posted in 2014) the first page :D it actually turned out worse than i thought i should make the panels smaller and fix the speech bubbles from the next page
  7. Maya's Platinum nuzlocke cover

    Maya's Platinum nuzlocke cover

    (Please be patient with the art it gets better as the story goes i promise ) RULES 1.Catch the first pokemon in each area 2.If a pokemon faints it is considered dead 3.No duplicates -if i encounter a dup i have two more chances 4.Nickname all caught pokemon
  8. Tailsimp

    Video Sinnoh Mon 1+1+1= 1 Braincell: NF Twitch Platinum Relaylocke

    Welcome one and all to another Nuzforums Twitch Nuzlocke! After our spectacularly wonderful run through Yellow Version which was great and smooth and easy and certainly didn't have any troubles during the E4 hahaha nope definitely not we're back at it again with another challenge! This time...
  9. Nate

    Video Sinnoh Teen Team CobraStryke LightningBolt Presents: Pokemon Platinum Randomized Nuzlocke

    Hey, everybody! Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt is back with a Randomized Platinum Nuzlocke! That's pretty neat! Watch us play Wednesdays at 6:30 PM Central Time on Twitch: You can also view our randomizer settings here. You can also watch the vods on Youtube after the stream:
  10. Nessi

    Comic Sinnoh General Autumn in Sinnoh Platinum Nuzlocke Comic

    Okay i´m slowly trying to figure the forum out so I´m finally doing a thread for my nuzlocke comic Autumn in Sinnoh! ^w^ It´s based on pokemon platinum and follows the adventures of Autumn, a young girl who was thrown into the Pokemon world You can also read this comic on: Deviantart Tapas...
  11. lostballoon

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature The Missing Type

    Table of Contents prologue (this post) one. two. three. A BRIEF CONVERSATION WITH THE PROFESSOR, PT. 1 four. five. six. Read on AO3 Author's Note This run should be somewhat short, totaling at around 10-20 chapters of varying length. I haven't posted any prose online in like literally five...
  12. SubparCelery

    Twitch Platinum Nuzlocke Series!

    Starting a streaming series on my first ever pokemon platinum playthrough...but it's a nuzlocke...watch me build a team and interact with viewers! Will my team get stronger and prevail...or die horribly? Make sure to follow my channel to get updates on when I go live
  13. Starborn

    Written Story Sinnoh Mixed Media Teen Gijinka Pockets & Monsters: A D&D Themed Nuzlocke Through Platinum

    Greetings and Bienvenue! Thank you for clicking on this thread! You can call me Starborn and welcome to my first nuzlocke! ...At least, on this site. On the OG Nuzlocke Forum, I...never finished a nuzlocke. Either cause of technical difficulties, life getting in the way, or I just failed. But...
  14. Rocco

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature Gijinka [Mature] The Nozlocks - An X-Men Inspired Platinum Nuzlocke

    This year something incredible happened: Hickman retconned the X-Men, after a long time of confusing and dense plots, with Powers of X and Dawn of X, two amazing comic books. I tell you people because it inspired me to make a written story nuzlocke based on the X-Men universe. So this is it...
  15. Bramble

    Written Story Sinnoh Teen Mon Peakbound

  16. S

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature Mon Like No One - a Platinum Nuzlocke

    Hello world! Welcome to Like No One! I'm excited to be here, even more excited that YOU'RE here, and with the new forums I'm excited to relive the tale as I upload here on a regular schedule. Whether you remember this run from the old forums or are brand-new to Sam Huntsmann's tale, I hope...
  17. anonymouse

    Screenshot Sinnoh Mixed Media Teen [COMPLETE] Shadows Over Sinnoh

    Shadows Over Sinnoh A Lovecraft-inspired run of Platimun Ver. What's up, Nuzforums! It's been a hot minute since I posted any of my nuzlockes, so might as well dive in head-first with my return to the scene. I'm Nelson, aka anonymouse, and welcome to this experimental Lovecraftian-style run...
  18. RandomJargon

    Screenshot Sinnoh Teen Commentary You've been doing nuzlockes wrong: A True Nuzlocke of Platinum

    I've been meaning to get back into nuzlocking and maybe do a story run, especially with the new forum, but until I conquer writer's block here's a screenshot run where I misinterpret the vagueness of one of the core rules of nuzlocking to make a new variant that I have modestly decided to call...
  19. "Absolutely Certain"

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Gijinka Until Then

    On November 22nd, 2017, I was 15, and I posted the following onto the original NuzForums: As I reupload this comic onto the lovely new forums (i love this place oh my god), Until Then (previously "Pantsing") has uploaded 15 pages total, since life's gotten in the way a lot,,, however. This...
  20. Bowser's Family Vacation

    Written Story Screenshot Sinnoh Written Log Mixed Media Teen Commentary Mon Jenga!

    Bad Photoshopping Banner By Me! Welcome to Jenga!: a castlocke of Pokemon Platinum, featuring the elderly-killing, door-despising, inimitable Vox Machina. If that name sounds familiar, either you have also invested literal weeks of your time into nerdy-ass voice actors playing Dungeons &...