1. Tailsimp

    Video Hoenn General Mon Lyra's Let's Play Nuzlockes: Emerald Edition

    Welcome Welcome one and all to Lyra's Nuzlockes: Emerald Edition! After streaming many a nuzlocke for us, PkmnMasterWheeler is back with her first ever Let's Play series! This time she's returning to the first ever pokemon game she ever beat with a classic Nuzlocke ruleset! Armed with her...
  2. Tailsimp

    Video Johto Teen Crystal Cool: Crystal Nuzlocke Streams (Complete)

    Welcome Guys, Gals, and Nonbinary Pals to Crystal Cool: Crystal Nuzlocke Streams! Alternate title: Lyra bullies the Johto Region After finishing her Emerald Version Nostolgialocke, and the extra challenging Platinum Version PMLocke, the great and powerful PkmnMasterWheeler is back with a...
  3. Vivian and Barry (ArtFight 2021)

    Vivian and Barry (ArtFight 2021)

    by pkmnMasterWheeler
  4. Salt&PepperBunny

    Roleplay Teen Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Heirs of Fate- EXTRAS

    Table of Contents General Content Main Story Chapter 1.5: Rest and Relaxation Chapter 2.5: Time Skip- ITINERARY