1. SerenityVitality

    Paldea Let's Play Mixed Media General [Gen IX Spoilers + Ash-era anime hints!] [ON HIATUS] Kimberly's Pokémon Violet Experience

    [Generation 9 spoilers ahead!] Kimberly's Pokémon Violet Experience Welcome to the open-world of Paldea! I've been extremely eager and excited to get to enjoy a totally new game. First of all, this will be a fandubbed run, but there's a chance that I may add artwork (and maybe a comic or...
  2. Maxedrox

    Kanto Mixed Media General Ultimate Chaos: Yellow

    Hi! Welcome to mi special run Ultimate Chaos starting with something basic, being Pokemon Yellow Well, let's start! After going up and down between towns I finally found my first wild Pokemon, an Onix... And... Of course, I wanted to take advantage of my position so I went to every...
  3. KV Productions

    Critique Lv.5 Art Comic Teen Goggles and Stickers

    I present to you my pokemon webcomic! "Goggles and Stickers"! This is the story of 2 Pikachus who, after living a very dangerous and exciting childhood, struggle settling down as they become free adults. What starts as an unclenchable thirst for adventure, an addiction to the thrill, and a...
  4. pikafan96

    Screenshot [UCL3] The Pika Power Hour!

    Hey there everyone - I decided to take a look around the forums and came across this event. I then thought to myself; "hey, this is a great excuse to do that Pikachu thing you wanted to do when you were younger!" So here I am. When I was a kid I always wanted to beat all of the Pokemon games...
  5. a washup and a cute chick

    a washup and a cute chick

    by AoiSora19S Source: https://www.deviantart.com/aoisora19s/art/a-washup-and-a-cute-chick-833668517
  6. pkmnMasterWheeler

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Across the Divide

    Across the Divide is a Let's Go Pikachu Nuzlocke about Ash's Pikachu after he gets thrown into another world, and his adventures trying to get back home!~ What crazy adventures await our hero in this strange new world? And will he be able to get back home to Ash?! Ash and Pikachu find...
  7. Bassard


    by Shamditioner
  8. Nuzlocke Secret Santa 2019

    Nuzlocke Secret Santa 2019

    by CitronGarde Source: https://www.deviantart.com/citrongarde/art/Nuzlocke-Secret-Santa-2019-for-satanicswirlix-806197492