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  1. SayleeK

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon Fight/Flight/Freeze: A BW2 Nuzlocke

    Two years after Plasma destroyed the Pokemon League and spread their reach across Unova, those who would resist their rule have three choices: run and hide, fight back, or die under the unnatural, unbreakable ice that's slowly consuming the country. Unfortunately for Ghetsis Harmonia, some...
  2. SayleeK

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon Eternal Enmity: a multi-player Black/White nuzlocke

    In Unova, four teenagers come of age and set out with their first Pokemon. All they want is to travel together and start working towards their dreams. But forces beyond their understanding are about to clash, and will turn everything they know on its head in the process... (Thank you...