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original ruleset

  1. Kirilish

    Written Story Unova Mature Gijinka Bla:Zero [Pokemon Blaze Black Gijinka Returnlocke]

    SUMMARY: Nico's best friend caught God. Then the world ended, and Nico died. Surprisingly, that's only how this story starts. When Nico finds themself, alive, in a world full of hybrids known as Mon - and in a body of a Mon - they meet Māni, a Mareep Mon, as well as a saintess tasked with...
  2. satanicswirlix

    Ruleset The EXTREME Flavourlocke Ruleset (from hell!!!)

    Do you like EXTREME nuzlockes? Then check out this unnecessarily complex EXTREME ruleset! Introducing the... EXTREME FLAVOURLOCKE RULESET!!!!!!!!!!!!! see? it's so extreme, the font goes off the background! THE RULES: Catch the first Pokémon per area. Shiny Clause: If you manage to find...
  3. Spectacles

    Written Story Kanto Teen The Hippocratic Oath (Chapter 23 8/6/22)

    Well, folks, the day has come. The day I finally bite the bullet and post not only my first true written story, but my first PLANNED, GAMEPLAY IS FINISHED posted run. That means I don't have the "it's nothing serious, I was just writing as I play" excuse I hid behind with my last two runs if...