original characters

  1. Algen

    Gem Eyed Babel - A story in the pokemon world

    Hello everyone. This is a story I have been working for about a year now. It takes place in the Hoenn region and features original characters travelling around the region and beyond. It takes great inspiration from nuzlocke comics and other facets of the pokemon franchise. Its up on Archive of...
  2. YumeTsuki

    Comic Collaborative Original Teen Belumination OCT

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This comic contains violence, mild gore and foul language. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is an Original...
  3. Tookie

    Screenshot Let's Play Teen Hack Rose Tinted Lenses: A Tookie FE7 Production

    Ah, FE7. A game near and dear to my heart, that eventually served as my gateway into online fandom back in 2005. ... Which, thinking about it, is one hell of a double edged sword, because haha this fandom has been a rollercoaster of ups, downs, sharp turns and what the fuck how does Heroes...