1. crashcrashcrash

    Screenshot Hoenn Written Log General Just Another Monday: An OR Wonder/Sleeplocke

    Good morning everyone! I have some very important news to share. Ya girl is sick. It’s nothing too serious, and it isn’t The Thing; just a cold from what I can tell. But it does mean that I’m pretty out of commission today, which. Is pretty lucky actually, since classes are canceled and I have...
  2. KumaTeddi

    Comic Hoenn Teen Mon Super Luck: An Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke

    "Each star in the sky is another opportunity, every wish can be granted. But only with time, work, and a little bit of luck..." < deviantart <> twitter > RULES ARCHIVE CHAPTER 1 - [Begin Again] Page 1 // Hey all! I'm Teddi and this is my new spin on my old nuzlocke...
  3. Zephyr_Iphis

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Mon Running Hot

    Sometimes in order to move forward, you have to look back. Or at least that’s what Latios says. So when the latest in a series of catastrophes sets her adrift, Ren tries to square with her demons and everything else, good and bad, that led her to this tipping point and plunged her over the edge...