omega ruby

  1. Fallingfeathers

    Comic Hoenn Teen Mon Strong Enough-A Pokemon Omega Ruby Hardcore Nuzlocke!

    Pages Upload on Mondays! Tw// This comic has depictions of violence, blood, slight gore, death, slight body horror, abuse, hallucinations and unreality. If you are sensitive to any of these topics I would not recommend reading this comic! Hiya there! I'm Poke! I've made comics before, but never...
  2. ZesT

    Written Story Screenshot Hoenn Teen Mon Conscript of the Sky ~ A Written Omega Ruby Nuzlocke (with occasional screenshots)

    conscript of the sky A Written Omega Ruby Nuzlocke (with occasional screenshots) Greetings and salutations to you all. Inspired by Snowy_Calum's Pokémon Y Storylocke even stealing from it somewhat I have decided to start a Storylocke of my own. The story is given from the perspective of a...
  3. Nate

    Hoenn Mixed Media Teen The iStockphoto Nuzlocke Challenge: Photo Phinish

    Kept you waiting, huh? Around ten years ago (back when I was still in high school 😫 ) I started a thread on the Nuzlocke Forums where I told the story of my very first Nuzlocke Challenge playthrough. I had (really, have) no real artistic skill, so I decided to use stock photos and Microsoft...
  4. crashcrashcrash

    Screenshot Hoenn Written Log General Just Another Monday: An OR Wonder/Sleeplocke

    Good morning everyone! I have some very important news to share. Ya girl is sick. It’s nothing too serious, and it isn’t The Thing; just a cold from what I can tell. But it does mean that I’m pretty out of commission today, which. Is pretty lucky actually, since classes are canceled and I have...
  5. enbygonetimes

    Hoenn Written Log Mixed Media General Teen Mon Mineralocke Omega, D&D Edition

    unfortunate announcement: this run is apparently just not meant to be, as recently my 3DS has crapped out. i had not completed the gameplay, but even if i recreated the run on citra or something, it wouldn't be the same, since i ended up using a wonder-traded mon or two. if i feel like it, down...
  6. EraOfThirteen

    Comic Hoenn Teen Gijinka [ONGOING] Exalted, Exiled

    [COVER PENDING] Long ago, magic existed in the gijinka world. This is the story of how it was lost. Set in ancient times in the Primal Silver universe, Exalted, Exiled follows a group of gijinka sent to undergo the Rites - a set of trials mean to appeal to the gods. The magic in their world is...