1. Mattelonian

    Mafia Nuzscrew Mafia 4

    Sorry gang, the people voted for it, so here it is, NUZSCREW MAFIA 4 general nuzscrew disclaimer: nuzscrew games are quite complex, as you neither know the roles nor the actual rules of the game. therefore, if you are new to the game or just uncomfortable not knowing all the details, this is...
  2. Mattelonian

    Mafia Nuzscrew Mafia 3

    Hi there, one and all, and welcome to NUZSCREW MAFIA 3! To immediately disclaim, if you are a new player, a relatively new player or somebody who finds being confused intensely discomforting, this might not be the best game for you to start in as while it may or may not be complex, you have no...