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  1. THKS

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Mon Back to Basics: A Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke

    Well, it was eventual that I had to take part in a Ruby Nuzlocke sooner or later. It feels like I need a pallet cleanser after the disastrous stint in the Pinwheel Forest of Volt White, and I want to see if I can honour the founding forefather of what would go on to become the Nuzlocke. This one...
  2. Wastelander Nick

    Comic Sinnoh General Mon Level Platinum Nuzlocke

    Hi, everyone! Here's my ongoing nuzlocke from Pokemon Platinum. The run is finished, but the comic is ongoing. It's my first time using a forum, so expect some edits upon edits, as I figure how it works :P Rules: Catch the first pokemon in every route. When a pokemon faints, this happens...
  3. Nuzlocke new outfits

    Nuzlocke new outfits

  4. Waweezer

    Comic Kalos General Mon Lakour's X Nuzlocke

    https://tapas.io/series/Lakours-X-Nuzlocke Time for Lakour's depressingly comedic pokemon nuzlocke! Rule 1:You must catch your first encounter in a new route. Rule 2:If a pokemon faints, they're dead. Rule 3:No potions in battle. Rule 4:No kanto starters. Rule 5:No megas until after the...
  5. TheUltraFinder

    Written Story Written Log General Mon TheUltraFinder: A Christmas Special

    Hey, TheUltraFinder, worst nuzlocke ever here, and I had a dumb idea to do this during the pandemic I will try to nuzlocke each of my Pokémon games that I have, in reverse order. Rules will be different each time, and I will, Start posting Tomorrow, the 24th. Updates will be weekly, or maybe...
  6. DARK FALLS 2 by temmybanana on DeviantArt

    DARK FALLS 2 by temmybanana on DeviantArt

    Page two my peeps~
  7. DARK FALLS 1 by temmybanana on DeviantArt

    DARK FALLS 1 by temmybanana on DeviantArt

    I started this comic YEEEARS ago so please have mercy OTL I'm trying to update this comic more regulary (monthly I'd say, I have a full time job AND a side job) starting December 2020. ENJOY~
  8. B

    Video Let's Play Teen First Nuzlocke ever! [Pokemon Insurgence] [Video Series]

    Hello guys, so I started my first ever Nuzlocke on stream and I'm making it a edited YouTube series! Every type of help or Feedback is appreciated! I'm going to update this Thread with new Episodes every time i release one, but you can also Subscribe to get notified! #1: #2:
  9. TheNuzlockeDuo

    Comic Kalos Teen Chaos in Kalos: A Double-X Nuzlocke Comic

    Hey guys! If poor sketch art, potty humor and physical humor aren't your thing, this comic includes all of those things. I've always felt like Pokemon was a franchise that lended itself to be perfect for silly and outlandish comedy, so I decided to take it upon myself to do that. I gave it a...
  10. Teacup Kitty

    Journey to Myself

    So new Forum, new drive to write, new User name, Hopefully the same appeal? CW: Abuse, hate speech Here's the story thus far (a few new chapters have been added since I last posted here :D) https://archiveofourown.org/works/17666198/chapters/67863800
  11. GreyestGray

    Soon to be something

    frick, I suck at progress :slowpoke: but I'm getting somewhere now! ... I think. I'm currently in the progress of my first Nuzlocke comic! I've been wanting to do a comic for so long, but have been unable to do so for various reasons But now I officially have a game finished, notes taken, and...
  12. Lady Venamisa

    Written Story Screenshot Kanto General Mon Growing Up: A Randomized Fire Red Adventure!

    Hello, everyone. I used to Nuzlocke a long time ago, but decided to leave for a variety of reasons. I attempted Readers-Add-Rules runs that never left the ground, and a Poverty Run that got cut short, among other things. I was disheartened to see what had become of the original forum, but I'm...
  13. Sobble

    Symbiosis part 1 /4? 5 maybe

    the gallery coming to comic fury soon
  14. nananananannaanananana symbisosis

    nananananannaanananana symbisosis

    new comic thingy im trying yay woopdy doo
  15. Zelad

    Video Hoenn General Commentary Hack A Strange New World - Zelad's Emerald Randomizer Nuzlocke Let's Play

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've known about this place for a while, posted a tiny bit a year or so ago, and decided I wanted to have another go at Nuzlocking. I was having so much fun that I decided to start a Let's Play video series. I hope it takes off and gets through to completion...
  16. TommyLew

    Video Hoenn Hoenn, a paradise on Earth? - Pokemon Emerald Randomized Unlocke

    Hello there, adventurers. Here lies the start of an epic journey through Hoenn to become the Pokemon Champion. However, it wont be easy due to the fact this is no regular Nuzlocke, this is in fact an Unlocke. Each badge we attain will unlock a certain aspect of the game for us for example: Badge...
  17. Spacin's Platinum Nuzlocke (Album)

    Spacin's Platinum Nuzlocke (Album)

    god i hope this works (language warning btw.)
  18. SomeGuyWhoWannaDie

    Screenshot Fan Game General The Beginning: The Start, The Attack, And the Choice!

    Where am I? What Am I doing here? My head hurts.. "Hello? Is this thing working? Can you hear me?" Yes! Who are you? "Oh thank Arceus, Your not gone yet!" The voice said "Listen, they will be here any minute so tell me..." "What is your name?" My names d*[email protected] Then I wake up. Welcome to the...
  19. diabeticgirl4

    Comic Kanto General Mon Breaking the Silence: a Blue Nuzlocke

    *whispers* how do I do this omg Hey, welcome to my Blue Nuzlocke! I used to be on the forum ages ago, if anyone remembers a super brief (and quickly abandoned) written run written from the pokemon's pov? Yeahh nvm that. Well here I am, trying out the comic format! I know I still have a LOT to...
  20. Breaking the Silence: a Blue Nuzlocke (Page 1)

    Breaking the Silence: a Blue Nuzlocke (Page 1)

    Page 1! Hope you enjoy!