1. feint4

    Nuzlocke Suggestions for a Nuzlocke beginner guide?

    Hi all, I'm working on writing a beginner's guide to Nuzlocking, aimed at helping someone brand new to Nuzlockes figure out how to get started and how to have a good time. What sort of information and tips would you want to see in a guide like this if you were a beginner Nuzlocker? So far I...
  2. Waweezer

    Nuzlocke Advice Underrated Pokémon in Nuzlockes

    Talk about Pokémon that you think are underestimated in nuzlockes! For example, I think Durant is underrated. It isn’t commonly available but if you get one, it has one of the best defensive type combos in the game, is fast, hits hard, and has a surprisingly high amount of physical defense!
  3. Breaking the Silence: a Blue Nuzlocke (Page 2)

    Breaking the Silence: a Blue Nuzlocke (Page 2)

    Page 2! we're getting somewhere!
  4. Waweezer

    Nuzlocke What’s your favorite nuzlocke comic?

    If I had to choose one it’d prob be Hale’s Emerald Nuzlocke. It’s really stupid and short but it’s really funny and has a great art style, especially with facial expressions, plus the finale gets me hyped each time I read it. He also made a sequel set in platinum, but he never continued the...
  5. JavierE64

    Nuzlocke Ruleset The Rulette-Locke

    So.. I was watching some You Tube videos, when I came up with the perfect idea: The Roulette Locke. Basically... it's regular Nuzlocke, but you let a roulette choose the extra rules for you. This is meant for people who want some extra spice into their challenges; or for those who want...
  6. EmotionalStomach

    Comic Kanto Critique Lv.5 General Mon Don't Get Attached: A Very Random Kanto Nuzlocke

    So, Finally doing this, if only so I stop messing with pages. Do you like comics? Colours? Randomisers? Don't Get Attached is a lighthearted chronicle of my Random Fire Red run, drawn directly from gameplay notes. Life is cheap and death can be anywhere. It was super super hard to play and it...
  7. Astranova

    Screenshot Alola Teen Commentary Mon Extraordinaries under the Sun - Pokemon Sun randomized Nuzlocke

    Hello! Welcome to this run, which is none other than Pokemon Sun Nuzlocke with a little twist! Namely, this run is RANDOMIZED run which means extra stress... I mean excitement :) So, how randomized run differs from regular nuzlocke? Basically I'm randomized every encounter I can get. For...
  8. Sparklepop

    Nuzlocke Ruleset Advice Video Games Ultra Moon Route 1 - Vast enough to be three areas or it is only one?

    I am about to start an Ultra Moon Nuzlocke soon, but before I start, I wanted to discuss the early game. Very early in the game, there is a single area 'Route 1' that encompasses many areas. I have seen people count it as three separate areas or one full area, but I am not sure which is more...
  9. Rubombee

    Nuzlocke Ruleset The Static Giftlocke

    so y'see, i was just here, minding my own business – when suddenly, somewhere in my brain, a little voice spoke up. "hey what if we did ucl but also we made a weird little ruleset for it instead of being normal?" and while for Reasons i cannot start an ucl right now, i sure CAN get hyperfocused...
  10. sir cottonee

    Written Log Mixed Media Paldea Teen Commentary Mon Good Scarlet: The Old and the Hopeless

    Spoilers ahead! This is a mostly-blind (stupid yt thumbnails...) Scarlet run in a commentary format with drawings interspersed. I hope you have fun. I mean, I want to have fun. Let's both have fun! Also, I haven't played a pokémon game since White 2. Oops. A quick word of warning - this...
  11. Sparklepop

    Nuzlocke Ruleset Video Games I offed Xerneas by accident the first time I tried to catch it. Is it still my first encounter?

    Exactly what the title says. I tried to catch Xerneas (without using my Masterball, which is in hindsight a pretty bad idea) but I accidentally killed it and now I have to rechallenge it. Is it still the first encounter, or is it a different Xerneas?
  12. Written Story Paldea Mature Untitled: a Disco Derivative Scarlet Nuzlocke

  13. Paradox Roxy

    Hoenn Written Log Commentary Mon Chaos Phantasia- A Pokemon Omega Ruby Nuzlocke

    Hello all! I'm Paradox Roxy, and welcome to my first ever Nuzlocke! Yes, I've never done a Nuzlocke before- but Inspiration and Confidence have struck! Pokemon Omega Ruby is a game I have a fair bit of knowledge on, and it's- according to most- one of the easier games to nuzlocke- thus a...
  14. Champ Siggi

    Screenshot Hoenn Champ Siggi's Extreme Emerald Nuzlocke

    Welcome to my 4th Nuzlocke! Of course none of the others are documented! Anyway this nuzlocke's rules will not be on this thread unless they come up. Anyway here is the first update: Tell me what to name mudkip please. And also if anyone knows how to place a banner image in the signature and...
  15. Sparklepop

    Video Complete Teen [FF2022] Wildermyth - The Series

    Ruleset - @Derogatory Trainer's Wildermyth Nuzlocke Rules If a character is under a circumstance that would kill them, then they will die. Stick with whatever customization that the game gives you. You can only recruit one character per chapter. Your starting characters and their children do...
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  19. MortificationPersonified

    Screenshot Sinnoh Teen Commentary Imperial Ambition-A Pokemon Platinum Hardcore Attacklocke

    Hello, internet people! ‘sweats nervously’ I’m MortificationPersonified, and this is my Pokémon Platinum Hardcore Attacklocke, Imperial Ambition. I’ve done plenty of nuzlockes in the past, but this is the first time I’m immortalising one on the internet. Anyway, if you’ve heard of an...
  20. Astranova

    Written Story Kalos Teen Mon Balanced - Pokemon X Nuzlocke.

    Uh... hi! *sweats nervously* Glad to see you, I welcome you to this story about my Pokemon X Nuzlocke run! But before we get to the actual story, I want to say something first. Please read it, it is pretty important. First of all, this is written story. Not a comic or log. The reason is that...