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  1. PsyduckEnthusiast

    Screenshot Fan Game Hack Psyduck Presents: a Pokemon Sweet Blind Nuzlocke!

    Hello there viewer! Welcome to my blind nuzlocke of Pokemon Sweet version! Below you'll find the contents page, the rules page, and a brief summary of how things are going to work with this thread. So, let us begin. I hope you're ready to witness me blindly struggle through this game...
  2. Rock Paper Scissors A digimon fire red nuz by Cronososia on DeviantArt

    Rock Paper Scissors A digimon fire red nuz by Cronososia on DeviantArt

    Rules: 2 healing items per pokemon 1 digimon per area fainting means death 1 death per gym is equal to and egg death which means the come back in the form they died in the story All mons participating in gyms must be rookie level Gym rules must look at the gyms type then use the pokemon in order fro
  3. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke Nuzlocke deaths you didn't care for

    We have threads about all your sad deaths, but how about one for deaths that you just really couldn’t care less over, and just wern’t sad about at all for any reason, such as you thought it was a bad team member or the way they died? For me, shockingly enough,a large majority of the deaths in...
  4. Dirtwig-Draws

    Comic Galar Mature Mon Broken Sword Nuzlocke

    Moira Gladstone, daughter of Layla "Stonewall" Gladstone, sets off on her Gym Challenge. But a shadow looms out of sight. Is it the shadow of prophecy? Hidden machinations ? Her past? Or all three? Content Warning: Alcohol/ tobacco use, blood, death, strong language, mentions of sexual content...
  5. PsyduckEnthusiast

    Unova Written Log Commentary Mon Walking to Yggdrasil- A Pokemon Black Nuzlocke [ON TEMPORARY HIATUS]

    Why hello there viewer, and welcome to my first post on this forum! Below this statement you will find a contents page (providing I can figure out how it works 🤣) where I will put all my updates on how this Nuzlocke of mine unfolds. Chapter 1 (You are here right now!) Chapter 2 Chapter 3...
  6. Sterling-Starlight

    Screenshot Fan Game Hack Other Adventure I Can't Believe It's An Isekai! (Touhoumon Another World Nuzlocke)

    Guys, let's just turn around. We've been out here for hours, and we haven't found anything. Aw, c'mon, Shigeru! We're so close now, I can feel it! I am of a mind with Shigeru, Renko. It is getting rather late, and we do have classes tomorrow... Finally, some common sense in this hogwash...
  7. QueenFroslass

    Screenshot Hoenn General Ups I spilled paint all over Hoenn - randomized Nuzlocke with vanilla rules

    Welcome to my first Nuzlocke here on this forum. Not long ago i found a Emerald randomizer that also randomizes the color pallets of Pokemon. It's a pretty old randomizer so i chose to only use it for the colors and do the other randomization with a better randomizer. This is the first...
  8. Echoplasm

    The Nuzlocke But I Add A New Rule After Every Important Battle - A Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke

    So recently my friend on pokemon showdown (this online pokemon battling site) recommended me to start playing a pokemon nuzlocke. They've actually written their own nuzlocke adventure on this site, Legends Of Hoenn, the link is...
  9. Loszgamer

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon The Piston Puncher: A Pokemon Red Hitmonchan Sololocke

    Hello everyone! After my (sigh) finished Topaz nuzlocke, I decided to start another one. This time, I wanna say, inspired by @Erberor 's "Dust in the Wind", I decided to try a sololocke with my favourite Pokemon, Hitmonchan, in my favourite gen, the First. Please no hate, I'm not saying First...
  10. Loszgamer

    Written Log Fan Game Teen Mon Gotta steal 'em all - A Pokemon Topaz Nuzlocke

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'd like to write something about the Pokemon Topaz nuzlocke I'm playing. Many might probably don't know what I'm talking about, this is a really old Hackrom and the first one I played back in the days when I was a kid, so, although it might be not...
  11. TricMagic

    Screenshot Kanto General Commentary Mon A New Leaf- Leaf Green Nuzlock

    All Rights Reserved to the following. This is a good sign I need to adjust my screen size, isn't it? A New Leaf Leaf Green Nuzlocke Definitely need to adjust the screen size. Anyway, welcome to what is my first Nuzlocke, and to kick things off, I'm starting in the Kanto Region where it...
  12. aclockwork-hound

    What made you decide to make a story out of your run?

    Like the title says -- what makes you decide to create a story out of a Nuzlocke run? Do you decide going into the game that you'll build something off of it, or do you think on it later? Are there moments during the game or when reviewing your notes after where you go "nah, this wouldn't work...
  13. redninjapuffle

    Screenshot General Hack Mon Ignoring advice - A Smashmons Spirit Red nuzlocke

    So this exists, I found it on the nuzforums discord from another person who was playing it, and I wanted to give it a go and help spread it around, there is a trailer for it that shows off some stuff Pretty Neat huh? The creator of it recommends not doing a nuzlocke but I don't care for that...
  14. M

    Pokemon Diamond Randomizer Nuzlocke Challenge [New]

    Hello! Please come and check out my new randomizer nuzlocke series. The support is greatly appreciated. New episodes every day! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc9r1KndhmUn6WuXDL3F6oQ
  15. PageEmperor

    Screenshot Kanto Mixed Media Teen Commentary Hack A broken excursion: Page's FireRed Randomizable 809 (2019) Blindlocke!

    So welcome back, fellas! I has returned from the mountains, with another hack Nuzrun! This time round we have this, well, so called hack I found out about. Apparently the whole gist of it is that it works differently than you would expect! Yo have to actively randomize the hack with the...
  16. T

    Video Hoenn Teen Mon Ten Minute Nuzlocke - Focusing on critical Nuzlocke aspects in condensed, ten-minute videos!

    Hi all, new to the forums but excited to be part of the community! I wanted to share Part 1 of my Ten Minute Nuzlocke series: I wanted to create a video series that condensed my Nuzlocke run into short, ten-minute videos to focus on the important Nuzlocke aspects, including encounters...
  17. Level Platinum Extra 4 by wastelander-nick on DeviantArt

    Level Platinum Extra 4 by wastelander-nick on DeviantArt

  18. Level Platinum 7-1 by wastelander-nick on DeviantArt

    Level Platinum 7-1 by wastelander-nick on DeviantArt