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  1. Loszgamer

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon The Piston Puncher: A Pokemon Red Hitmonchan Sololocke

    Hello everyone! After my (sigh) finished Topaz nuzlocke, I decided to start another one. This time, I wanna say, inspired by @Erberor 's "Dust in the Wind", I decided to try a sololocke with my favourite Pokemon, Hitmonchan, in my favourite gen, the First. Please no hate, I'm not saying First...
  2. Loszgamer

    Written Log Fan Game Teen Mon Gotta steal 'em all - A Pokemon Topaz Nuzlocke

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'd like to write something about the Pokemon Topaz nuzlocke I'm playing. Many might probably don't know what I'm talking about, this is a really old Hackrom and the first one I played back in the days when I was a kid, so, although it might be not...
  3. TricMagic

    Screenshot Kanto General Commentary Mon A New Leaf- Leaf Green Nuzlock

    All Rights Reserved to the following. This is a good sign I need to adjust my screen size, isn't it? A New Leaf Leaf Green Nuzlocke Definitely need to adjust the screen size. Anyway, welcome to what is my first Nuzlocke, and to kick things off, I'm starting in the Kanto Region where it...
  4. aclockwork-hound

    What made you decide to make a story out of your run?

    Like the title says -- what makes you decide to create a story out of a Nuzlocke run? Do you decide going into the game that you'll build something off of it, or do you think on it later? Are there moments during the game or when reviewing your notes after where you go "nah, this wouldn't work...
  5. redninjapuffle

    Screenshot General Hack Mon Ignoring advice - A Smashmons Spirit Red nuzlocke

    So this exists, I found it on the nuzforums discord from another person who was playing it, and I wanted to give it a go and help spread it around, there is a trailer for it that shows off some stuff Pretty Neat huh? The creator of it recommends not doing a nuzlocke but I don't care for that...
  6. M

    Pokemon Diamond Randomizer Nuzlocke Challenge [New]

    Hello! Please come and check out my new randomizer nuzlocke series. The support is greatly appreciated. New episodes every day! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc9r1KndhmUn6WuXDL3F6oQ
  7. PageEmperor

    Screenshot Kanto Mixed Media Teen Commentary Hack A broken excursion: Page's FireRed Randomizable 809 (2019) Blindlocke!

    So welcome back, fellas! I has returned from the mountains, with another hack Nuzrun! This time round we have this, well, so called hack I found out about. Apparently the whole gist of it is that it works differently than you would expect! Yo have to actively randomize the hack with the...
  8. T

    Video Hoenn Teen Mon Ten Minute Nuzlocke - Focusing on critical Nuzlocke aspects in condensed, ten-minute videos!

    Hi all, new to the forums but excited to be part of the community! I wanted to share Part 1 of my Ten Minute Nuzlocke series: I wanted to create a video series that condensed my Nuzlocke run into short, ten-minute videos to focus on the important Nuzlocke aspects, including encounters...
  9. Level Platinum Extra 4 by wastelander-nick on DeviantArt

    Level Platinum Extra 4 by wastelander-nick on DeviantArt

  10. Level Platinum 7-1 by wastelander-nick on DeviantArt

    Level Platinum 7-1 by wastelander-nick on DeviantArt

  11. redninjapuffle

    Screenshot Fan Game Teen Mon Reinvention - A Pokémon Insurgence Nuzlocke (Updated 3/1/21)

    Been a while since I posted on one of my runs, as you know, My Time to Die is incomplete because I lost the data for it, but it has given me the opportunity to reboot it all for a more story based run, while still being a screenshot. First and foremost, I need to talk about the rules, but you...
  12. Level Platinum intro (part 0)

    Level Platinum intro (part 0)

  13. Zardonic cameo.JPG

    Zardonic cameo.JPG

  14. Old Chateau.jpg

    Old Chateau.jpg

  15. Nuzlocker4Life

    Nuzlocke General Video Games Do you Ship Your Pokemon in Your Nuzlockes?

    So we all know about Petty's Spuds the Venusaur x Barb the Nidoqueen ship in her Leafgreen Nuzlocke many years ago. Or Wedlockes, like Marriland's HeartGold Wedlocke with Carrot the Raticate x Peach the Primeape. As a huge shipper, I have a fun topic for you Nuzlockers: Have you ever ship your...
  16. sprout-of-life

    Comic Kalos Teen Gijinka Playing with Fire [X Gijinka Nuzlocke]

    The Kalos region is changing quicker than ever before; The league is becoming more popular, magic is becoming stronger, and a new champion with brutal tactics has been instated. August lost someone close to him to these changes, and he can't help but hate them for it. However, his fate has been...
  17. THKS

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Mon Back to Basics: A Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke

    Well, it was eventual that I had to take part in a Ruby Nuzlocke sooner or later. It feels like I need a pallet cleanser after the disastrous stint in the Pinwheel Forest of Volt White, and I want to see if I can honour the founding forefather of what would go on to become the Nuzlocke. This one...
  18. Wastelander Nick

    Comic Sinnoh General Mon Level Platinum Nuzlocke

    Hi, everyone! Here's my ongoing nuzlocke from Pokemon Platinum. The run is finished, but the comic is ongoing. It's my first time using a forum, so expect some edits upon edits, as I figure how it works :P Rules: Catch the first pokemon in every route. When a pokemon faints, this happens...
  19. Nuzlocke new outfits

    Nuzlocke new outfits