nuzlocke story

  1. Snowy_Calum

    Written Story Kalos Teen Mon The Balance of Life and Death: A Pokemon Y Storylocke

    Hey all! Calum here, back with another story! This story is given from the perspective of 17-year-old Finlay, who begins his journey through Kalos with his beloved partner Pokémon. Naturally, the character is unaware of this to begin with, but this is a Nuzlocke. In addition, there will be a few...
  2. Kalos Recruit J.

    Written Story Kalos General Why Y? My first ever pokemon nuzlocke

    Hello someone reading this! I decided to do a Pokemon Y nuzlocke since it was my first ever pokemon game, and i found this forum and now we are here. Time to nuzlocke: Professor: Hello and welcome to the world of Pokémon! I am Augustine Sycamore, th- J: Hello whoever you are, I have a few...
  3. aclockwork-hound

    What made you decide to make a story out of your run?

    Like the title says -- what makes you decide to create a story out of a Nuzlocke run? Do you decide going into the game that you'll build something off of it, or do you think on it later? Are there moments during the game or when reviewing your notes after where you go "nah, this wouldn't work...
  4. FluffySpaceShark

    Nuzlocke Advice General For storylockes, what would you consider good pacing?

    Basically, I am doing a sort of preplanning and road mapping for my upcoming run and wanted to know what everyone considers to be good pacing for one in general. I was thinking towns as checkpoints, but that's a lot, on the other hand, badges are too little for me. I don't want to have a million...