nuzlocke rules

  1. How To Become A Better Nuzlocker

    Hey come check out my video series on Nuzlocke Tips and Tricks to help you to become a better nuzlocker
  2. Force Gaia

    Nuzlocke Ruleset Advice How do you handle areas with multiple zones in term of capture areas?

    So some areas in the games have very defined 'zones' that have different capture selections. I'm not talking about different floors in a cave or the like, but rather where the area changes enough that it could be it's own area. Examples would be: Ruins of Alph - above Ground / inside the ruins...
  3. Run Rules

    Run Rules

    Initially I just started with the two OG rules, and the others later come in. I suppose what makes my run isn't very nuzlocke-y is the Great Marsh rule along with a... certain hidden bullshit cause I pulled.