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nuzlocke comic

  1. Maya's Platinum nuzlocke cover

    Maya's Platinum nuzlocke cover

    (Please be patient with the art it gets better as the story goes i promise ) RULES 1.Catch the first pokemon in each area 2.If a pokemon faints it is considered dead 3.No duplicates -if i encounter a dup i have two more chances 4.Nickname all caught pokemon
  2. slinkyarts

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Slinky's Yellow Nuzlocke Run

    "After being found in the woods by a Pikachu, who, supposedly, at his hands, had died - Slinky agrees to help the spirit find peace by earning a few badges. Things don't go as planned. " 1 - Faint = Dead 2 - Only catch first per route 3 - Name all pokemon 4 - Set battle mode 5 - No healing...
  3. Rapidashing

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Self Acceptance: A LeafGreen Nuzlocke

    Hello all! After lurking on the Nuzlocke forums for 9 years and not really drawing for the past 3, I’ve finally decided to start my own comic! I worked on the first 3 pages of the prologue, in what was, a painfully slow process over the course of 2019 as I tried to remember how to draw. And then...
  4. Sanctell

    Comic Sinnoh Mature Mon Debtlocked

    || Deviantart || How far would you go for freedom? Debtlocked is a comic I jumped into in with little preparation as a means of exercising my artistic and writing skills. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it! Run Start: 21 Dec 2017 || Run End: 12 Dec 2018 Comic Start: 12 Mar 2018...
  5. Debtlocked Cover

    Debtlocked Cover

  6. Kinetic Kimo

    Comic Kanto Teen Speechless - A slightly tweaked Fire Red Nuzlocke Challenge

    Hello beautiful peoples! You've found your way to the thread for Speechless, a nuzlocke comic depicting a young trainer's trek through scenic Kanto where no one seems to speak with actual words! Please let me explain. ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Deviantart * Comic Fury Enjoy~
  7. 006 - The Drive

    006 - The Drive

  8. 005 - Civilization and Courtesy Pt. 3

    005 - Civilization and Courtesy Pt. 3

  9. POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 6

    POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 6

    Run away 2: Electric Bugaloo
  10. POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 5

    POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 5

    You know it's rude to talk about someone behind their back, right?
  11. POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 4

    POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 4

    Welp such a shame the conversation changed to what it did gotta go! :D To the shop to hopefully grab something good for dinner.
  12. POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 3

    POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 3

    Now introducing The Squad. absolute buffoons, all of them, just on varying degrees of Asshole (and varying degrees of Knife Ownership)
  13. POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 2

    POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 2

    well this is... complicated
  14. POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 1

    POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 1

    Introducing protagonist Grey... not having the best time ever. And Bell!
  15. MrElectrik

    Comic Hoenn General Close Calls - A Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke

    Close Calls - A Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge Welcome! This is my first comic and nuzlocke challenge I'm tackling. As Emerald was the first Pokemon game I was exposed to, I wanted to see if I could beat it with the risks of nuzlockes. The general rules of this run are as follow: Once a Pokemon...
  16. Close Calls - A Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Cover

    Close Calls - A Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Cover

    Cover for my first comic and first nuzlocke challenge!
  17. Shamditioner

    Comic Hoenn Mature Gijinka Guardian- An Omega Ruby Gijinkalocke

    HEY HEY HEY WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF GUARDIAN THE GREAT GIJINKALOCKE WITH A DUMB BIG BROTHER WHOS A STONER AND A tinnie tiny baby siter :} but really this is my nuzlocke comic that ive been working on for about 2 years now ?? theres 10 pages up, so im just gonna post em all in this post cause im...
  18. Woo

    Comic Spin-off Teen Other Adventure On Borrowed Time - A PMD:EOS Nuzlocke

    A painted sunset stretches across the sky of a cool summer evening, and the world is dying. Only Malachi, a partially evolved Shinx appointed by "Maelstrom", is able to help save it. Though, when he finds an amnesiac Alolan Vulpix he names Rune washed ashore, he finds they may be involved in...
  19. novamallow

    Comic Johto General Mon Pandemonium in Johto - A SoulSilver Randomlocke

    Hello and welcome to the Nuzlocke Forums page for Pandemonium in Johto, a Randomized SoulSilver Nuzlocke comic! The comic follows the adventure of Ethan Gold through a mysteriously altered Johto, where everything seems different, from the Pokémon inhabiting it to the powers they have. Strangest...
  20. dv9l

    Comic Hoenn Teen Gijinka Star-Crossed: An Emerald Nuzlocke

    This nuzlocke comic has been discontinued. Thank you for supporting this comic through the years but I've decided that I can't continue the comic as it is. If I were to ever touch this run again in a serious capacity, I'd need to reboot the whole comic, emphasize on the "ever". This thread is...