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nuzlocke comic

  1. Debtlocked 013

    Debtlocked 013

    Original Upload: 14 May 2019
  2. Debtlocked 013 (April Fools.jpg)

    Debtlocked 013 (April Fools.jpg)

    Original Upload: 01 April 2019
  3. Debtlocked 012

    Debtlocked 012

    Original Upload: 01 March 2019
  4. Debtlocked 011

    Debtlocked 011

    Original Upload: 05 January 2019
  5. Debtlocked 010

    Debtlocked 010

    Original Upload: 11 November 2018
  6. Debtlocked 009

    Debtlocked 009

    Original Upload: 10 October 2018
  7. Debtlocked 008

    Debtlocked 008

    Original Upload: 28 September 2018
  8. Debtlocked 007

    Debtlocked 007

    Original Upload: 03 September 2018
  9. Debtlocked 006

    Debtlocked 006

    Original Upload: 01 August 2018
  10. Debtlocked 005

    Debtlocked 005

    Original Upload: 09 July 2018
  11. Debtlocked 004

    Debtlocked 004

    Original Upload: 14 Jun 2018
  12. Debtlocked 003

    Debtlocked 003

    Original Upload: 26 May 2018
  13. Debtlocked 002

    Debtlocked 002

    Original Upload: 21 April 2018
  14. Debtlocked 001

    Debtlocked 001

    Original Upload: 06 April 2018
  15. Debtlocked 000

    Debtlocked 000

    Original Upload: 20 March 2018
  16. Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg32.png

    Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg32.png

    Its the bicycle road and Maya sees her small break dissapear Will i manage to keep up with weekly uploads ? who knows ! Its all up to my poor hand condition!
  17. Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg31.png

    Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg31.png

    Oh HI! its an update ?! Maya is tired There is a small drop in quality but if i want to keep those coming i need that drop xD
  18. Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg13

    Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg13

    its kind of a small update but progress is being made
  19. Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg2

    Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg2

    finally she got her starter :D next page will have the first pokemon battle
  20. Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg1

    Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg1

    (originally posted in 2014) the first page :D it actually turned out worse than i thought i should make the panels smaller and fix the speech bubbles from the next page