nuzlocke comic discussion

  1. aclockwork-hound

    What made you decide to make a story out of your run?

    Like the title says -- what makes you decide to create a story out of a Nuzlocke run? Do you decide going into the game that you'll build something off of it, or do you think on it later? Are there moments during the game or when reviewing your notes after where you go "nah, this wouldn't work...
  2. Salt&PepperBunny

    Nuzlocke Nuzlocke Comics Are Pretty Neat! [A Discussion/Analysis Thread]

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Nuzlocke Comics Are Pretty Neat! As a lover of nuzlocke comics, I always have a lot of thoughts on them, and sometimes when I read a nuzlocke comic that does something really cool, I just have to gush about it. So this will be a series where I do exactly that! In...