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  1. Please help >~<

    Hi, I'm super new here and uh... I'm not sure if this was the right place to put this here, but uh... I'm trying to compile a list of nuzlockes to do, because I'm indecisive, and I can't seem to figure out what there the choices are. So can someone please help 🙏
  2. ZenDuchess

    Process General Zen's Nuzlocke Collection

    To start, hopefully this is the right place for my otherwise un-posted run information. I have 25 planned Nuzlockes, spread over several different roms, hacks, and physical games. If this needs moved, please let me know asap! Hack Region Advanced Adventure (Region name?) ~ Aya (2/8) : : Ties...
  3. QuietGuardian

    The Quiet Corner

    When it comes to story ideas, I have no shortage. I have numerous Nuzlockes under my belt and, as I write this, over two dozen ideas for others that I haven't posted (granted, most of them probably won't see the light of day). Therefore, I thought I would be useful to have a central location for...