1. KamikazeSenpai21

    Screenshot Sinnoh General Mon [FAILED] Pokemon Platinum ScreenshotLocke by KamikazeSenpai21

    Greeting, people of the nuzlocke forums I'm doing a Nuzlocke of Pokemon Platinum. Nothing fancy, just a plain old 'locke. ';m randomly picking my starters, tho. :lugia::ho-oh:
  2. dc_reed

    Written Story Galar General Proving Ground (A Sword and Shield Nuzlocke)

    Hello, and thank you for taking your time to visit my story. My name is dc_reed and I have explored and lurked on these forums for a while. I have done a few nuzlockes, that I never published, and now will be creating one to publish here. If you want to join the fun I will be doing the play...
  3. AdeptMusician

    Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke - Any game from gen 1 to gen 5 (You decide) (I have discord)

    I'm really wanting to play a randomizer nuzlocke with someone, but I don't know anyone willing to do one. If you would like to do one with me, message me on discord. @AdeptMusician#7711