now! that's what i call shitposting

  1. Pudd

    Comic Unova Mature Mon Pudd Does Pokémon White

    I dunno how these really work, but I guess I'll figure it out, I dunno, I'll probably like... post comics each day, I'll get a bunch done at once and post 'em whenever, yeah? Yeah. [/Spoiler] *dab* Rated Mature because I dunno what jokes I'll make, nothing too crazy, but, there'll be swears...
  2. Tookie

    Showcase Voice Work Mature The MikeVonTookie Audiobookies

    I've occasionally said that, in the event of a Tapatalk exodus, 99% of my content that I created over there is fairly iffy (barring a certain story which is being overhauled anyway) and I'd be fairly apathetic to seeing it lost to the mists of time. And then there's the one percent. The...