1. Hayfever

    Written Story Teen UCL [UCL4] Norma's Conquest: a Normal-Types Only UCL

    Hay Nuzlockers, Hayfever here~ It's a new year, and that mean a new Ultimate Community Locke! I participated in the very first UCL, but didn't get very far. Mostly because I was trying to do a written run of the whole thing, which was a terrible idea. And so, I will try again this year, and I...
  2. sealclown

    Comic Hoenn Teen Mon simple. (a pokemon emerald monotype nuzcomic.)

    a pokemon emerald normal-type monolocke. or, being a kid on a journey with your magical animal friends. ---- hi there! i've been wanting to make a comic for a long time, until i realized i could just... start making one, instead of just thinking about it really hard. this is based on one of my...
  3. Memento

    Screenshot Johto Mature Plain Venom: A HeartGold Poisonlocke and SoulSilver Normallocke

    Welcome to the newest version of Plain Venom! What is Plain Venom, you ask? It's two Nuzlockes in one: a HeartGold poisonlocke and a SoulSilver normallocke. Anyway, here are the rules: I want to give warnings for violence, swearing, substance abuse, and gender dysphoria. Now, without further...