1. SerenityVitality

    Paldea Let's Play Mixed Media General [Gen IX Spoilers + Ash-era anime hints!] [ON HIATUS] Kimberly's Pokémon Violet Experience

    [Generation 9 spoilers ahead!] Kimberly's Pokémon Violet Experience Welcome to the open-world of Paldea! I've been extremely eager and excited to get to enjoy a totally new game. First of all, this will be a fandubbed run, but there's a chance that I may add artwork (and maybe a comic or...
  2. xiemi

    Critique Lv.3 Art Comic Original Pokemon Sword & Shield: Oh Lionheart, Take Courage!

  3. erk pls

    Written Story Let's Play Teen Reaching an Understanding - A Pokemon Legends: Arceus Run

    Hey there, folks! It's been a little over a year since my last major run finished, and I finally feel ready to get back on the horse and pour my heart and soul into another writing project. I've had the concept for this story in my head since before Legends was announced, and was a bit nervous...
  4. Penny55gg

    Screenshot Let's Play General That One Time Where It Wasn't a Nuzlocke - Emerald Party Randomizer+

    Hello the nice people of the Nuzlocke forums. I'm posting my cool playthrough of this weird hack that I like a lot, so I hope you enjoy my weird captions to my screenshots.
  5. NobleJanobii

    Comic Fan Original General Shaymin Café

    An ask blog for the staff of a Pokémon Café run by a group of Shaymin. Striving to be the best and to provide service with a smile, they provide a variety of dishes for you to choose from. Take a seat! Order off the menu. Let the waitstaff treat you to something sweet, something sour, or...
  6. Moon

    Nature's Madness - A playthrough of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX.

    Hellooooooooooooo! I got bored so this exists now. It's PMD DX! Not a nuzlocke! so uh here it is!
  7. SimplyUnknown

    Thoughts and Musings Through Pokemon Shield (Spoiler Heavy)

    So as of posting this first post, there are only 6 days until November 15th, 2019. Which means there are only 6 days until the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the first mainstream Pokemon games for the Switch! :yay: Finally, a Pokemon game with multiple save files! At least, if it's...
  8. Pcaara

    Comic Leftovers: a Hoenn Saga

    Leftovers follows 19 y.o Asadi (center), as she spontaneously sets off on a transformative journey across Hoenn, discovering new friends and responsibilities along the way! Hullo Hullo~ Before you start reading, i'd like to mention a few key things! First, this comic was started back in...
  9. Snake Pit Unova

    Written Story Screenshot Let's Play Teen All Thorn, No Rose - Fight Night Round 3 Career Mode

    All he wanted to do was change his future. That was more than worth the lifetime of concussions to come. A sports story guided by screenshots from an old licensed sports game. This can only go well. Content Warnings: blood, injuries and realistic violence "Some people get all the luck."
  10. Shark

    Written Fan Mature Upheaval: Rise of a New World Order

    Hi, I’m Shark! And this is Upheaval, a project that I started back on Tapatalk and ran out of time for/abandoned due to disliking the quality of my writing there. It’s a...darker story, I’d think, but a story about the Pokémon world and the troubles that lie underneath. And I’m going to be...