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  1. The Gamoholic

    Written Log Let's Play The Muppet Challenge

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post on the Nuzlocke forums, coming across from the Marriland forums as they're closing down. I really like doing challenge runs but generally don't do Nuzlockes - i prefer to make my own challenges. Guess I'll be posting in here for the time being. I have a pretty...
  2. Twi

    Screenshot Hoenn Mature Commentary going all in: a no-items-in-battle emerald nuzlocke

    it is time to make things ~spicy~
  3. Spegasparce

    Screenshot Spin-off [COMPLETE] Perseverance at Death's Door - A Colosseum Locke

    I have been attempting this off and on for nearly three years. This is the hardest thing I have ever attempted in Pokemon Nuzlockes and it must be documented. Not using a ROM. My pics are all pictures of a TV screen. Here is the master Google Sheets, documenting the deaths of the run and...