no healing in battle

  1. Nickytung

    Screenshot Fan Game Teen Mon A World Beyond

    Heya everyone, Nickytung here, or NickyNicky, as i'm known in the Nuzlocke Discord communities. As I navigated the web in the middle of boring winter days, I came across an impressive fangame with a fantastic graphic and sound department, a simple but pleseant plot and, most of all, really well...
  2. moonfly

    Written Story Hoenn General Mon Drifting Lilies - a Pokémon Omega Ruby Nuzlocke

    Hey everyone! I’m moonfly, and I’m extremely new. I’ve done nuzlockes for maybe a year? Two? Now, but discovered the nuzlocke discord just about a month ago when looking for people to chat about my runs to, and from there found out about nuzlocke forums and that posting stories of your nuzlocke...