1. Bug

    Space Hound Playground

    Playlists Multiplicity Searching Next Up Forever A Moogle Reborn Hero of Nowhere Vibin Without Chu November 2022 I Almost Feel Ashamed Human Skin #001 Ignition #002 Transient #003 #004 Phyrric #005 #006 Sun Chaser / Star Maker #007
  2. Hallow

    Hallow tries to do a music blog

    Hi! I'm gonna use this thread to periodically recommend music artists I enjoy or new things I've been listening to, or just to plug stuff my friends make that I really want people to hear. By nature of what I tend to listen to (and make myself) it'll be mostly electronic stuff but who knows...
  3. SeaMaid

    Music Showcase Fan Original Sea's Music Pile Redux

    Hello everyone, it's Sea! Good to be back! Quick intro: Back on ZetaBoards and Tapas, I made a thread under Creative where I shared a bunch of music that I composed or arranged. It's high time to revive that thread for the new forum! Because I have no idea how to make embeds a reasonable size...
  4. genderqueer gorehound

    Music Review a song, then post another.

    this thread was pretty kil last time I checked on ye olde Nuzforums but fuck it, somebody's gotta get it kicked off in our new digs. rules are simple. the person above you posts a song, you listen to it, you review it while endeavoring to do the piece some justice - that is to say, write more...
  5. GoGoGogoat

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Mon [COMPLETED] Anthem - an Alpha Sapphire run

    After about a year and a half of saying I wanted to do an Alpha Sapphire run, it's finally time. Welcome to my fourth run, and I hope you enjoy it! To begin, there are a few things I'd like to explain about how I plan to write this run. These will be covered in the "run notes" tab below, and I...