1. grimhealer

    Video Alola General grimhealer nuzlocke Moon challenge update 6/24/2021 The Completed Run

    this is a video journal log of the nuzlocke challenge. the video work is carp but I new of this and I have limited resources if you were interested to see the video. go to see it yourself and leave and like and subscribe to my channel on youtube. the new video and a link to go to my youtube...
  2. Riboo

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Undertow - A Moon Nuzlocke

    Extravaganza '20 awards Best Main Character: Gold ll Best new Comic: Bronze Uploaded at: Deviant art, Tapas Start Date: 04/17/2020 Last Updated: 8/13/2021 Updates on bimonthly Patreon updates every Friday Content warning: Adult language, use of alcohol and some adult themes Also I have a...