1. ZHODY

    Kanto Johto Sinnoh Written Log Hack An Homage to a Monotype Master: Time to become a Reverse-Monotype Master!

    Hiya! I've been wanting to cross-post my Reverse-Monolocke runs here for a while, so here I go! Sadly I can't embed reddit posts here like I could google docs in the last 'locke I posted in here, so it'll just all be links. As I'm writing this I've finished the second run recently, so it'll...
  2. Screenshot Kalos Written Log Teen Mon Bugcatcher Lily

    This is a record of my bug-type hardcore monolocke, I started it a while ago, so my early recall might not be great but I recorded the teams I beat the gym leaders with using an app. Uh yeah, first time posting, long time fan of pokemon and nuzlockes in general. Lost to cynthia in bdsp (heh)...
  3. Dee

    Written Story Kalos Teen Mon Airheart: A Y Flyinglocke

    Hello, and welcome to... Airheart, a Y flyinglocke. (Amazing cover art by @Spacey!) What is Airheart? It's the third and last entry in the storylocke series that started with "Dear Diary" and continued with The Dark We Carry. Airheart should be perfectly understandable if you haven't read...
  4. Hayfever

    Written Story Teen UCL [UCL4] Norma's Conquest: a Normal-Types Only UCL

    Hay Nuzlockers, Hayfever here~ It's a new year, and that mean a new Ultimate Community Locke! I participated in the very first UCL, but didn't get very far. Mostly because I was trying to do a written run of the whole thing, which was a terrible idea. And so, I will try again this year, and I...
  5. DrCools

    Written Log UCL [UCL4] Jojo's Overused Reference: Fighting Monolocke though seven regions

    I tried UCL last time but then forgot about the Nuzlocke forums until there was like two months left in UCL3 lol. Hopefully things go better this time. It is past midnight, the New Year's party is over but I can't sleep yet, so might as well get started on another year of squandering my free...
  6. shroopy

    Screenshot Johto Teen Hack Not Quite My Type - A Sacred Gold Hardcore Monolocke

    Ok, here we go. This is a Hardcore Monolocke of Sacred Gold. This is not my first monolocke, but it is my first hardcore nuzlocke (which gives me quite a lot of cause for concern). This is also my first recorded nuzlocke, and my first run posted here. The twist for this run is that I will be...
  7. SweatingCalendar

    Screenshot Sinnoh Pokemon Platinum Bug Monolocke: Unfortunately, I Was Sober When I Made This Edition

    Welcome to a likely disaster! This challenge was made up on a whim, due to that if there are future attempts, the rules may be subject to change based on the feasibility of this challenge. If that's the case, the OP will be reorganized to communicate the changes being made. If I forget to...
  8. Malochroma

    Comic Galar Teen Other Adventure High Ground - A Pokemon Shield Ground-Type Monolocke

    Victoria "Ricki" Foster has nursed a fondness for Ground-type Pokémon since she was a child, with only her Sandshrew Ruby and her closest friend Hop to keep her company during her mother's long absences. Now, Hop is getting ready to take on the Gym Challenge and chase his wish of supplanting his...
  9. Kit_The_Feef

    Written Story Johto Teen Mon Webs of Silk- A Pokemon SoulSilver Buglocke.

    Here it is. My first written run! It is ready... It's also got an AO3 mirror!
  10. Yuna

    Alola Written Log Other Media Letters From Alola ~ A Multi-Type USUM Monolocke ~ [Current Type: BUG]

    "The Island Challengeーー Explore the beautiful region of Alola and its bountiful fauna and flora while taking on the various Totem Pokemon which inhabit these grounds. If you can prove your strength to the four Island Kahunas, you may one day be able to call yourself a true Champion. Various...
  11. Screenshot Buried Alive: A Ground-breaking Nuzlocke

    This is the first recorded Nuzlocke I'm doing. I've done several others before but this will also be my first second monotype Nuzlocke attempt. (First one ended in such failure. ;-; Lost to Rival's Bulbasaur's different powders) So without further adieu let's get to the rules. In my case, I'm...
  12. DrCools

    [UCL3] Applied Biochemistry - Poison Monolocke through eight regions

    Hello everyone! This is my first run on these forums and I hope you enjoy. I am doing a Poison monolocke.
  13. Hydrochlorinate

    Johto Written Log Teen Commentary Mon [Complete] Barbecue Sauce is just Spicy Water: A Crystal Monolocke Run

    Text Speed: Fast Animations: Off Battle Style: Shift Lines: Darkest Frame: 4 Hotel: Trivago Ok, I think we're ready to go. (Name no longer subject to change) Welcome one and welcome all to my first documented nuzlocke challenge. I've completed a Sun wonderlocke before, and Crystal isn't...
  14. Nickytung

    Written Story Alola General Monolocke Master Alola Edition; Episode 2: Bug Maniac

    Monolocke Master is a challenge I took on last year; 18 monolockes of Ultra Sun with every single type of Pokemon existent. The RNG decided to destroy me from the beginning, assigning me Dragons, arguably the hardest type there is, due to the scarce availability and the enormous amount of time...
  15. Lefington

    Screenshot [UCL2] Grass Monotype - The Back of Your Bod is Sod

    Hi there. My name is bulbasaurchikoritatreeckoturtwigsnivychespinrowlet, sometimes known as snivyrowlet, but you can call me Lef. I'm doing a monotype, but I won't tell you what type. You'll never figure it out. suckers.
  16. Shark

    Written Log [UCL2] [Normal Monolocke] insert normal unova run joke here

    hi i'm shark! also known as cleffachi! and i'm a busy college student, which means i 100% dont have the time to do this, right? fuck it idc anyways, this is gonna be a set of written logs because i am playing most, if not all, the games i have on cart, and am also bad at taking screenshots, so...
  17. silvercoffee

    Screenshot Johto General Mon | Brice Boi - Attempt at Ice/Water Monolocke in Johto! [Chapter 3] updated! |

    Hey everyone! This is going to be the first-ever post that I'm gonna make in this forum. Straight up doing the fan challenge. I'm going to do a monotype nuzlocke challenge but had no idea what type should I choose, so I did a test/quiz about what pokemon type do I prefer and it turns out to be...
  18. Alan900900900

    Screenshot Hoenn Critique Lv.3 Teen Mon DARK IS NOT EVIL: an Alpha Sapphire Monolocke

    (Hey, what's up! If you're new here, welcome! Aside from this opening blurb, the following is all mostly unedited since I posted it ages ago. I'll admit the beginning part of this whole run is a bit rough and aimless, but I'd really appreciate it if you stuck around until it gets better. Thank...
  19. angryskitty

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Nuzlocke on Ice

    NUZLOCKE ON ICE a (sort of) monolocke of Leafgreen | Rated Teen for language and blood | Updates Fridays | | Gameplay: done || Comic: in progress | Support me: Patreon | Ko-fi | Buy a commission Other links: Deviantart | Tumblr | Smackjeeves Instagram | Twitter | Newgrounds CURRENT TEAM...