1. Screenshot Let's Play General Sorry Dad, but I am a BUG CATCHER!

    Norman decided to retire and asked his son to take his place as Leader of Petalburg Gym. However, he has a different raise Bug Pokemon! Obviously annoyed, Norman gave his son a ultimatum: IF he defeat the best Pokemon Trainers of Hoenn, then he will be allowed to raise whatever Pokemon...
  2. HalfTimeShow

    Comic Hoenn Teen Gijinka Moeblobs- A Moemon Emerald Comic

    I’ve been wanting to do another nuzlocke for ages, but every time I try to document a run I end up scrapping it before I post it because I’m never satisfied with what I make. This time around, I decided to throw that attitude in the dumpster and do a comic anyway!
  3. komugi

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Gijinka just a normal little moemon forever v3 run :3

    helloooo ... :shy: i'm kind of new here (as in i had an old account before the forum change and would make some runs of my owns that i never finished cuz i was lazy www..) andd since i also have a decent amount of free time, i recently got back to playing old hacks i used to be obsessed with...
  4. Pale smoke

    Mixed Media Cancelled