mirror world

  1. enbygonetimes

    Written Story Mixed Media Teen [MW2] the Wildling - an ill-conceived April Fool's joke

    spoiler: the joke is on me for giving myself another run to get attached to if this lasts for more than two checkpoints, i'll consider cleaning this up and presenting it properly. in the meantime... Kianos & EurydiceChosen Name: Kianos Title: the terminally fucked Wildling Biography: take a...
  2. Fennec

    Written Story Teen [MW2] The Villain - Mirror Roads

    After countless centuries of indulgence and wrongdoings for the sake of power, it began to pale. Is this new world a punishment for all she'd done wrong? Or was it a forge, made to break her down and rebuild her into something new? Something better? Perhaps, it was both. Rating may change...
  3. Jimcloud

    Written Story Teen [MW2] The Insider - Second Verse

    Same as the first! Little bit louder, and a WHOLE LOT WORSE. Let's go.
  4. Tookie

    Written Story Mature [MW2] The Vulpa - Flights of Fancy

    Hi again! It's still Tookie, I'm still on Mirror World, but because I am an absolute font of very good ideas, I'm doing Mirror World 2... 2! With a second character near and dear to my heart to put through the wringer in different dark and horrible ways, no less- have no fear, this won't impact...
  5. Fishwhiskerz

    Screenshot Teen [MW2] The Lonely

    I know I don’t have to have this image because everyone knows I’m playing Crystal but it’s pretty so I will keep it. I was going rabid waiting to post this Credits go to Jimcloud for beta reading me and Z-Nogyrop for helping me with design concepts and spriting!
  6. Heather

    Written Story Teen [MW2] The Raven - Night Falls

    5. Run is complete upon completion of all specified checkpoints. 6. Run is FAILED if no eligible Pokemon remain alive. 7. Additional Rule: Limit Breaker: When taking a staked challenge involving battles, you may enable Limit Breaker. When enabled, safe battles are no longer safe. Unsafe battles...
  7. GoGoGogoat

    [MW2] The Explorer - Twisted Mystery

    Hi all, I'm GoGoGogoat, and I can never get enough of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, so in an attempt to mollify my wild imagination, I'm gonna do the exact opposite of that and play a normal-ass Pokemon game. Sorry, did I say normal? I lied. It's a Mirror World story and crazy shit is gonna happen...
  8. lohcy

    Video Other Media [MW2] The Adventurer (Kinetic Novel)

    First things first, you read that right, this run's in a kinetic novel formal. Full playist: Mirror World 2 Full Playlist Next, if you had already read my application form, ignore that first, I'm going to properly update that sooner or later. Anyways, here's the Episode 0 (Introduction): MW2...
  9. Glace

    Written Story Screenshot [MW2] The Witch - Inheritance

    Damn, time to clear this place up a bit, make it a bit more of a first page [/SPOILER]
  10. HidoranBlaze

    Written Story Screenshot [MW2] The Seeker - Absolution

    oh boy I can't believe I'm actually writing something oh well, it's 2020 character bio's here
  11. Capybara

    Written Story Screenshot [MW2] The Lycan

    The Lycan Who let the dogs out? Character Bio [/spoiler] Part Two - Good Boy
  12. TinyCurlyFry

    Screenshot Mixed Media [MW2] The Mundane | Back Against the Wall

    With his back against the wall, the rest of him facing the void- a young man screams No one's really sure why he's so freaked out. [/SPOILER]
  13. SnakeWrangler

    Written Story Screenshot [MW2] The Nonplussed

    It's another day in paradise. Character bio here.
  14. Argentum

    Mixed Media [MW2] The Hapless | A Desperate Lament

    A raven-haired teen is suddenly finds himself staring at a map in an old car. He doesn’t know why or how he got here, and he isn’t even in control of his own body. A girl, with glistening red hair and freckles all over her face is at the wheel, and she turns towards him. She is speaking to him...
  15. SilverDoe

    Written Story [MW2] The Mechanic - Broken Pieces

    Hey there and welcome to my Mirror World 2 run! This is my first time doing anything Mirror World related but so far I think I'm being sucked into it just as much as my characters. This is going to take primarily the form of a written story. Since I'm trying to take screenshots as I play, I...
  16. tentacat

    Written Story Mixed Media [MW2] The Gambler - Gold Rush

    There are so many things in life you can't control. Sometimes luck is not in your favor. And when misfortune greets you... Can you play with the hand you're dealt, or will you fold to the circumstances? ♢ ♧ ♡ ♤ Hello and welcome to my first storylocke, and first run in a long ass time on the...
  17. Lefington

    Written Story Screenshot [MW2] The Leviathan - From the Depths of the Abyss

    "They will interlock with one another and engage in combat, with his horns the Behemoth will gore with strength, the fish [Leviathan] will leap to meet him with his fins, with power. Their Creator will approach them with his mighty sword [and slay them both]." -(Artscroll siddur, p. 719)...
  18. Norhian Samur

    Screenshot [MW2] The Commander - Stormcaller's Shadow

    Time and Time again we find things we cannot hope to Understand Things that want nothing more than our destruction And when they back us into a corner They'll find that we will always win. Because that is the strength of Humanity! Every Corner we're backed into We find a new way out and a new...
  19. HalfTimeShow

    Written Story Screenshot Mixed Media [MW2] Fraidy Cat

    MIRROR WORLD 2: THE COWARD This is my first real story-driven run, so I'm a little nervous, but I'm excited to learn as I go. Note: may have weird tonal whiplash throughout, I used to be into Homestuck so my sense of humor and tone is permanently skewed.
  20. k80

    Written Story Screenshot [MW2] The Repentant - The Dead Flag Blues

    The car is on fire, and there's no driver at the wheel THE DEAD FLAG BLUES MIRROR WORLD 2: THE REPENTANT Sweet nothing. Being wrapped in the cozy darkness of sleep is the only time I’m able to be free of myself. No doubt, no self-hatred, just quiet. Of course, the nightmares are the worst...