1. cross_off

    Written Story Sinnoh Teen Gijinka sudden sky - a renegade platinum storylocke

    the spark of a hope...the hope of a return sup guys and welcome to my new storylocke, this is sudden sky, a cyberpunk-themed storylocke of renegade platinum inspired heavily by one of my favorite web novels, the king's avatar as well as my old sensei @Clockenstein's run silicon lines. this...
  2. cross_off

    Written Story Spin-off Teen Mon desert daze - a pokemon colosseum storylocke

    sunlight glints off echo canyon's rooftops. phenac's fountains bubble with laughter. the desert wind sings as it slices through pyrite's alleys. motion and change, signs of life, playing in an endless loop. the cycle continues into its final phase, yet three seek to escape. can they crack...