1. Clockenstein

    A proposal: creating an RPG Hub

    Wrote this on an impulse so I might ramble and not really have all my thoughts in order, but while I feel like getting things done this month I might as well talk about this. I'm not going to mince any words on the matter: RPG is dead. Once Mafia finally got its independence from this subforum...
  2. Starborn

    Written Story Sinnoh Mixed Media Teen Gijinka Pockets & Monsters: A D&D Themed Nuzlocke Through Platinum

    Greetings and Bienvenue! Thank you for clicking on this thread! You can call me Starborn and welcome to my first nuzlocke! ...At least, on this site. On the OG Nuzlocke Forum, I...never finished a nuzlocke. Either cause of technical difficulties, life getting in the way, or I just failed. But...
  3. trainergloria

    Written Story Kanto Mature Mon Passerine.

    Hello! While most of the nuzlockes I’ve read have been comics, I’ve been digging into Written Stories as well and they’ve inspired me to maybe stop lurking now that winter break is here. Like the tags say, it’s a bit meta for the games, but also for nuzlockes. It’s around 2.500 words. The art...