1. sugar heart

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Hack 4chan: the game. (pokemon clover)

    why, coincidentally, i am playing with ear buds in atm! what up, i'm sugar heart, self-proclaimed idiot who makes bad decisions, and this is... ...pokemon clover, the /vp/-created pokemon hack that, after 5 years, 4 months, 1 week, and 6 days, has finally come out in a full version. if you're...
  2. SlasherMacGuff

    Screenshot Fan Game General Mon Glaze of Glory - Pokemon Glazed Blind Nuzlocke

    Hey. Ok listen, let's cut through all the boring preamble and whatnot. Blah blah first run, blah blah never played this, blah blah excited. Got it? Great. Here are the rules: Here are the options If you make fun of the cool 90's frame I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave. Alright...
  3. Lefington

    Apps Closed Roleplay Explode Onto the Scene - A Pokemon ReBURST RP

    Anyone remember Pokemon ReBURST? That one manga back in 2011 during the BW era? No? Don't blame you. Well all you need to know is that it's centered around this guy, who, like many others in the setting, can fuse with Pokemon sealed in crystal like items called Burst Hearts into a Gijinka-like...