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  1. K

    Hoenn Written Log Mature Of Pokemon And Pirates II - A Sea Dog Reformed

    Hello all. I'm back, this time with a sequel to Of Pokemon and Pirates - A SoulSilver Nuzlocke. The original background can be found in this thread, but I'll include a rough timelined background to this one, particularly as it's set years later. Unlike its predecessor, which featured 'King...
  2. Leon Yorunaki

    Written Story Hoenn Mature Hack Mon Lost Month

    Hello there, and welcome aboard. For those who doesn't know me (most of you, I assume), I'm Leon Yorunaki, previously known as Chester, and an old-time lurker. Granted, I was much more active a decade ago, and I decided to go back into roots and start posting my run back in the forums. Now...
  3. Garnet

    Finish Your Games! (AKA Reasons I Shouldn't Have Money)

    So. This is a forum for video games, right? You know, Nuzlockes, Pokemon, Pokemon is a video game... you, y'know, you get it. We're all gamers here. And, you know. Sometimes gamers... buy games. ...Sometimes they buy a lot of games. ...Sometimes they buy a lot of games that they never actually...
  4. NothingButNuzlocke

    Video Kanto Written Log Mature Commentary Hack Mon NothingButNuzlocke's Very Long Project Begins With Red [COMPLETE]

    Hello, everyone! I'm very new to posting my adventures on forums, so please let me know if I am doing this correctly! I'll try to be as receptive to constructive criticism as I can. I'm NothingButNuzlocke! For a long time, I've wanted to begin a Twitch channel dedicated entirely to Nuzlocke...
  5. Decibel575

    Written Story Fan Game Teen Mature Tarnished Bismuth: A Mostly Blind Run of Pokemon Uranium

    Sooooo, hello, A few of you may have seen me lurking here before, but this is my first time posting a run of my own. I’m not a newbie to Nuzlocke’s, but I’ve also never completed one either, since I give up pretty soon and make it a normal playthrough. Not this time though, i’ll be making my...
  6. Faleep

    An Evolution of Letters

    Please, for the love of god, read the tags. If you think my other zombie story, Don’t Evolve, is bad, it’s not as bad as this one. The gameplay for this got dark fast(er), and is thusly reflected in the story. For some of the more intense letters/chapters, I will post a short summary of what...
  7. overkill

    Written Story Kanto Mature The Crazed Idol

    Howdy, my name is overkill What you are about to read is a lovely tale about some stupid little fucker getting a Pokemon and going on an journey, filled with battling, romance, cannibalism, politics, and war. Some things happen, some angry individuals show up, God takes a crap in a toilet. You...
  8. Ryua

    Comic Kalos Mature Gijinka Halfblood - A Gijinka Y Nuzlocke

    WARNING: This thread is not intended for younger viewers. The characters yell, argue, swear, fight, and die. There are hella mature themes all over this thing. Alrighty then, let's get back into this. I started this run a long time ago, and I am determined to finish it. Maybe one or two of you...
  9. Rhyder

    Screenshot Kanto Mature Commentary Hack [FAILED][Mature] Please Help Me! Rhyder BLINDLY Plays Pokemon Plague Lost Diaries!

    Well, here we are. On the edge of oblivion. I really didn’t know how to start this off, other than to dive right in. This game is special, for lack of a better word. See what I mean? I also derped a picture of a city exploding in a big mushroom cloud. :f5: Yeah, you know a game is starting...
  10. K

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon New (and dangerous) Adventure Begins!

    Hello! I'm entirely new to these forums, writing stories, and nuzlocking in general! I've only done two before myself, but I've heard they're a lot of fun from other friends, and writing stories over them seems like a great way to add to it. Short chapter, but I want to see any feedback...
  11. RagstheMimikyu

    Written Story Johto Mature Bleeding Heart[A SoulSilver Nuzlocke]

  12. Feymark

    Comic Johto Mature Mon Children of the Sky [A Johto Shounen Adventure Comic]

    Blurb: In a world where humanity can transform their bodies by borrowing the power of their Pokemon, the line between what it is to be Man and Mon is blurred. They fight, live, and breathe as one. Leon is thrust into a journey where he tossed around by a world scarred from the conflicts...
  13. sky_

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Mon Reckless Renewal: A Pokémon Reborn Storyshot Nuzlocke (Update: sadly cancelled due to significant ethical concerns about the fangame's origins)

    "I shut my eyes, and it all floods back..." Update: This run has been cancelled. Please see my post on Page 2 for more details as to why I want nothing more to do with this fangame. Lucia leapt at the chance to challenge the hardest League in the world. What waited was an underbelly of...
  14. B

    Comic Kanto Mature Boat Does a Nuzlocke

    Hi, this is Boat's Nuzlocke tale! This game is Pokemon FireRed. The rules are classic Nuzlocke: release/box if they pass out, and can only catch the first encounter in each area. It's my first run since like 2012 so I'm being gentle on myself <3 This is drawn pretty bad on purpose, so don't...
  15. Memento

    Written Story Fan Mature Memento's Meandering Memories (Mature).

    Well, this is going to be a doozy. I have many Pokémon fanfictions. I haven't finished any of them, but I still want to post them here. So what to do? Post them for the hell of it! First up is Stacked Deck! WARNINGS: There are several trigger warnings that I'm obligated to warn readers about...
  16. RogueStar15

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon Hot Fuss | A heavily story-oriented Leaf Green nuzlocke based on the album of the same name.

    A heavily story-oriented screenshot run of Leaf Green, inspired by The Killers' debut album Hot Fuss. Also they say fuck a lot. It's content warning time! Blood and light-ish gore, some mention of alcohol and legally available drugs, mentions of physical and mental abuse. Also bad words, lots...
  17. Szarrukin

    Screenshot Kanto Johto Mature I, Nuzlocke.

    Welcome to my first run! I consider first two updates significantly weaker than rest of them - maybe it's just my opinion but anyway, please try to read at least three updates before you give up. It gets better, I promise. 31.10.2019 EDIT - it's alive again! First update screenshots are gone...