mature for swearing

  1. tvnuzlockes

    Comic Hoenn Mature Mon TV's Nuzlocke - An Emerald Adventure

    Hi everyone! This is my first time putting together a comic, based on my Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke done in July 2021. Expect crude art, crude humor, and a rollercoaster of emotions. Content Warning Rules For this Epic Journey You can read it on ComicFury or just check it out here! Table of...
  2. DeterminedDelcatty

    Written Story Johto Sinnoh Mature Memes, Dreams, and Dysfunctional Teams

    Warning! Story will contain graphic violence, some inappropriate humor, and foul language. Brad's gameplay is on Pearl instead of Heart Gold because the randomized Heartgold game files kept glitching for Nikki and Adam's gameplay. “Everybody close your eyes.” Adam says, trying...
  3. RagstheMimikyu

    Written Story Kanto Battle-Scarred: A FireRed(and Post-Emerald) Storylocke[Mature]

  4. Twi

    Screenshot Hoenn Mature Commentary going all in: a no-items-in-battle emerald nuzlocke

    it is time to make things ~spicy~
  5. Arbitrary

    Johto Written Log Mature Commentary Other Adventure Can you beat Soul Silver with JUST a Cacturne?

    Hello everyone! So anyone who reads my statuses knows that I lost my second Cacturne in a run and I was super pissed. To the point where I started brainstorming a hypothetical solo-Cacturne run in a game... that's about to become not so hypothetical. I can't imagine anyone has ever done a...
  6. Magicforbeginners

    Thumper: A Pokemon Sword Nuzlocke

    Welcome to my shoddy attempt at a comic! I used to be an old user of these forums back in 2016-17, and while I was there I wrote a couple of nuzlocke stories. The first was My Immortal levels of pain, the second was mediocre teen fan fiction. The improvement? Marked. I hate those old stories...