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  1. CasualGameFreak

    Mafia Random Mafia Xenforo III

    (The first two were Random Mafia Returns and Double Random Mafia -- I’m not counting Random Mafia Once Again because that game never started.) Greetings! I’m CasualGameFreak, occasional mafia player, occasional mafia lurker, Discord resident extraordinaire, here to bring you an old favorite...
  2. Zaazaa0

    Pokemafia 4: Brilliant Village & Shining Mafia

    Welcome Pokemafia, the game where you PM me any Pokemon and that Pokemon becomes your role! [/SPOILER] Players: 1. ashtrayscomics 2. aegagrusScholarship Meowstic (Village) 3. greenchu Feebas (Village) 4. hobohunter Floette (Village) 5. TheTRUEgge Togekiss (Village) 6. Cirr...
  3. Cirr

    Mafia Generic Mafia Game 2021 with FLAVOUR!

    hello there, it's been a while since i haven't seen any mafia games in a while i wanted to host one. it'll be a pretty basic setup unless i suddenly get an influx of singups, i guess reserving the right to increase roles just in case edit: flavour added Signups: 1: hobohunter 2...
  4. solaris127h

    Among Usfia... 2!

    Welcome to Among Usfia electric boogaloo, the version that takes place after some people leave but we can still try playing. Special thanks to Norhian Samur for letting me riff off his game. It's a good layout! And thanks to Kesha for helping me balance this edition. Not sure how to play...
  5. VGBM

    Turnabout Mafia

    BREAKING NEWS: There has been a murder in the nuzforums community! The police have already identified and arrested the suspect, and the trial is pending [2 days after this thread goes into 24-hour mode]. There are rumors spreading that things aren't as they seem and that someone might be being...
  6. Rueblie

    Shootout Mafia

    Hey, it's a mafia game. I'm sure you know how to do a mafia game. If you don't then Now that we're all on the same page, let's start murdering each other. [/spoiler] I think that's everything, I hope you enjoy. Sign-up List: 1. Hobohunter 2. Plusle Villager 3. CirrGunsmith 4. Aureum...
  7. TheHumanCleric

    Doctor Who Mafia

    "People assume that Mafia is a strict progression of lynch to night kill, but actually, from a non-linear non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly-scumhunting-guesswork." [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Sign Up List JaneWolf (Human) A shiny...
  8. pluslefan

    Mafia Twilight Zone Mafia

    Welcome to the twilight zone. Here there is a miasma of a mafia game. One where it truly may be impossible to tell who among you seeks to destroy and who is only doing what they believe to be right. But if you join hands and stay the course, whether the darkness that shrouds the space you live...
  9. LucarioOfLegends

    Mafia Create-A-Mafia Project

    Come one, come all, it is time to shill once more. And as it is my time to shill, I shall. And so I present in all of its glory, The Create-A-Pokemon Project on Smogon. So yeah welcome to this game. I love the Create-A-Pokemon (CAP for short) subforum to death, and I'd be happy to share some of...
  10. Salt&PepperBunny

    Mafia Paranatural Mafia

    Hiiiii everyone! Very excited to be hosting my first game. We're gonna have a pretty standard theme game with roles based off mah favorite comic, Paranatural! I have literally no idea how to host, but I hope this will be a lot of fun! :D [/SPOILER] Signups are opening now, but the game...
  11. Alolan Floatzel

    Holiday Basic Mafia

    hi everyone i just wanna do a small no gimmicks game village roles: cop - can check one person's alignment per night santa claus - he sees you when you're sleeping doctor - can protect one person per night villagers - villagers mafia roles: hooker - can keep one person from carrying out...
  12. Second

    Mafia Cop Purgatory Mafia

    Alright. We have a lot of new players, so I thought that we would go ahead and do a low-key game here. Nothing too wild or experimental or gimmicky, right? I mean, we wouldn't want that, right? So I figured a game that gets everyone introduced to the idea of how cops work would be good. A simple...
  13. Eagleheart

    Mafia Pokémafia

    Welcome to Pokémafia! This game will work a bit differently from other mafia games. Here's how this will go: * Upon signing up, each player must PM me the name of a Pokemon - any Pokemon, even Arceus * If 2+ players name the same Pokemon, they'll be asked to name a second choice. * Once all...
  14. Mattelonian

    Mafia Nuzscrew Mafia 3

    Hi there, one and all, and welcome to NUZSCREW MAFIA 3! To immediately disclaim, if you are a new player, a relatively new player or somebody who finds being confused intensely discomforting, this might not be the best game for you to start in as while it may or may not be complex, you have no...
  15. CasualGameFreak

    Mafia Fire Emblem Awakening Mafia

    Hi everyone! It’s me once again, CasualGameFreak, Discord resident extraordinaire. And here I’m running another Mafia game based on a game I really like. To celebrate the success of Three Houses, I’m running a game based on another successful Fire Emblem game that was the first on its system...
  16. CasualGameFreak

    Mafia Sonic Mafia & Knuckles

    Hi! I’m CasualGameFreak, Discord resident extraordinaire, and welcome to my attempt at putting a Mafia game on the new forum! Now that we are free from our Tapatalk overlords, I saw the RTD games going up and figured I should put a Mafia game up as well. First, here’s a primer as to what the...