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  1. RubyClaw

    Just Another RANDOM Lorelocke (Jarl) - A written log/screenshot-light HeartGold Randomized Lorelocke - Part 3 is up! 14/8/22

    Greetings dear readers! Welcome to my new run, "Just Another RANDOM Lorelocke", or "Jarl" as the cool cats who hang around the TikTok water fountain call it, or whatever you young folks do these days, I truly have no idea any more. If you are here in the hopes for either the story run I've been...
  2. Trollkitten

    Johto Written Log General The Atrocity (Chapters 8 ad 9 are up, in which a new poll starts and I make a horrible mistake)

    ...I may have officially gone too far here. You all know RubyClaw's Lorelocke and my own bootleg take on it, the Datalocke. And you probably also know Spectacles' run The Monstrosity, which combines not one, not two, but three different nuzlocke rulesets to create the ultimate BDSP challenge...
  3. Pale smoke

    Written Story Teen I'd curse the gods if they weren't my pokemon - A pokemon Gaia Lorelocke

    Oh look at that, i started another nuzlocke Anyway a bit of a warning for a bit of swearing, not very often though. Also body horror, a bit of body horror. Anyway the rules! And with that, onto the story Cw: Slight body horror Herakles, huh? Fitting. "Well Herakles, we're going to...
  4. Memento

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature Their Spirits Cry for Vengeance: A Brilliant Diamond Lorelocke.

    Well, I know I should be working on other runs, but since my old grandfather's computer is what I have (and given that Beware, We Sting and Translucent Legends are on temporary hiatus - as well as my Dragon Quest story and my blog with Pokemon hacks - given that my computer's battery flat out...
  5. Alan900900900

    Screenshot Johto Teen Damn my Soul to H-E-Triple-Hockey-Sticks: A SoulSilver LoreLoopLocke

    It's been a while, huh? I haven't posted anything run-related here in a while. But hey, here I am, ready to play through a game with possibly the craziest ruleset I've ever had the will to put myself through. Let's just skip the formalities and get it started, yeah? Yeah, bit of a doozy, I...
  6. Spectacles

    Screenshot Sinnoh Written Log The Monstrosity- Chapter 18 is up early! 8/11/22

    So! Since everyone wants to see me suffer (including myself), this run will be a log of my playthrough of Brilliant Diamond using 3 unique rulesets- my own Doc-locke and Super Naturelocke rulesets, and @RubyClaw 's lorelocke rules. This is a sort of accompanyment to The Hippocratic Oath, my...
  7. RubyClaw

    Screenshot Sinnoh Mature Commentary Dimming Diamond - 14/5/2022 Final Update 13 is up!

    Dimming Diamond (A Semi-Blind Screenshot Advanced Lorelocke of Brilliant Diamond!) Hi everyone! It’s been way too long since I posted a run here, and I admit I really missed sharing my adventures with you guys. As some of you might know I have a habit of Nuzlocking blindly every new pokemon...
  8. Bowser's Family Vacation

    Screenshot Johto Written Log Teen Commentary Paper Bowser and the Thousand-Year Grind

    Updates between training sessions. You see, it all started when Bowser got interested in the lorelocke ruleset and thought Johto, the region in Pokemon that seems to be the most “old-fashioned” or in-tune with its legends, would be an appropriate setting… [/TD] [/TR] Cragley (Route 46)...
  9. Moon

    Written Story Unova Teen Mon Orange's Adventures - A Pokemon Black Lorelocke

    Hello and welcome to Orange's Adventures - A Pokemon Black Lorelocke! I am Moon, and I'm here to bring you the first and only lorelocke of Unova (in the forums)! So...yeah. Not much else to say. You can do constructive criticism, because I want to get better at writing. Okay, so here are the...
  10. Corviknight best birb

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Mon Legends of Hoenn: a Pokemon Sapphire Lorelocke

    well, i'm not good at introductions so i'm just gonna get to the part where I explain what a lorelocke is. a lorelocke is a nuzlocke based on mythology. each pokemon will have a specific rule. and to decide that rule, I will use a number generate for numbers 1 through however many rules there...
  11. QuietGuardian

    Alola Written Log General Alola Exp-lore-ation

    In recognition of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary/because I want to, I’m starting a Nuzlocke with a ruleset that celebrates Pokémon and what they are—the Lorelocke, created by @RubyClaw! For those who are unfamiliar with the concept and/or too lazy to click the link in the last sentence, the gist of...
  12. Zorua3

    Kalos Written Log Commentary The Totally Fascinating Lore of Kalos... er, Kanto...: Zorua3's analysis-filled Kanto-only Lorelocke of Pokemon X

    So, I was wandering through Google Docs looking for a Fanfiction I wrote way back when, and I found... this. Apparently I started a Lorelocke, writing it as I played through, with the intention of posting it once I'd finished in order to avoid abandoning it mid-thread as I've done with the other...
  13. Akumu0

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Hack Legend in the Making: A Perfect Emerald Lorelocke

    Hello everyone. Name’s Akumu and I love Pokémon. I also love challenges. So naturally I want to do a Nuzlocke, but I don’t particularly like the basic version. I definitely appreciate it and love watching them. It’s just, well its not really for me. I love the variants. Reading about the...
  14. Memento

    Written Story Screenshot Johto Mature Translucent Legends: A Crystal Lorelocke.

    Yes, I've decided to do something crazy: a Lorelocke! Thanks to @RubyClaw , @mewstein , and @Spectacles for making - and helping with - this monster of a ruleset. I admire the perseverance it took to make it, and I've decided to do something that hasn't, to my knowledge, been done yet: a...
  15. Trollkitten

    Written Story Kalos Written Log Teen Mon Secrets of Aetherai: Lines Crossed (INCOMPLETE)

    So @RubyClaw made this awesome lorelocke ruleset, and I've been playing several different games using this ruleset. But then sometime when I was working on a recent chapter of Ori's Gift, I started delving into the lore of an Unova/Kalos/Galar war that's heavily based off of The Ruin Maniac...
  16. Pixxyofice

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon Brilliant Flames - A Lorelocke Run of Fire Red

    Hello, everyone! welcome to my first nuzlocke thread on the new forums! It's been... so long since i ever thought about stepping foot into this place, i always thought back to the nuzlocke threads i posted on the previous forums, and that i abandoned, and the good ol' poster's guilt bit me and i...