1. Naptime With Friends

    Naptime With Friends

    By LamentedGuide on DeviantArt Liberty sleeping with the artist's starter pokes.
  2. Gift} Taking a Liberty (across Johto)

    Gift} Taking a Liberty (across Johto)

    By hiddenhibrid on DeviantArt Gift art with nice splashes of color!
  3. Liberty Soul Nuzlocke

    Liberty Soul Nuzlocke

    By Bast13 on DeviantArt Anime-style Will!
  4. Random Liberty Doodles

    Random Liberty Doodles

    Some scribbles based on comments about Chapter 7, practice drawings of Lorde, and lots of outfits for Will.
  5. Tabitha Gijinka

    Tabitha Gijinka

  6. Stanley Gijinka

    Stanley Gijinka

  7. Ro Gijinka

    Ro Gijinka

  8. Lorde Gijinka

    Lorde Gijinka

  9. Tabitha Ref

    Tabitha Ref

  10. Stanley Ref

    Stanley Ref

  11. Ro Ref

    Ro Ref

  12. Happy B-Day Jade :)

    Happy B-Day Jade :)

    By Pokewolf44 on DeviantArt
  13. Nuzlocke Sketches

    Nuzlocke Sketches

    By Aerorwen on DeviantArt
  14. That feel when...

    That feel when...

    By Billiam-X on DeviantArt
  15. PL: That was so 2014 though.

    PL: That was so 2014 though.

    By Billiam-X on DeviantArt
  16. riveting


    By grottofied on DeviantArt
  17. Liberty Gijinka

    Liberty Gijinka

  18. Jade and Ashley Reverse Gijinka

    Jade and Ashley Reverse Gijinka

  19. Will - Reverse Gijinka

    Will - Reverse Gijinka

  20. Confused