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  1. Starcoar

    Video Johto Teen Commentary Soulsilver Nuzlocke Randomizer

    Welcome to my Soulsilver Nuzlocke Randomizer! The Rules: - When Pokemon faint, they die. - One Pokemon per route - No using revives. Healing items like potions and status recovery items are okay. - No using Legendaries. Trainers won't use them either. (Now there really is only one of each...
  2. Sparklepop

    Video Complete Teen [FF2022] Wildermyth - The Series

    Ruleset - @Derogatory Trainer's Wildermyth Nuzlocke Rules If a character is under a circumstance that would kill them, then they will die. Stick with whatever customization that the game gives you. You can only recruit one character per chapter. Your starting characters and their children do...
  3. Tailsimp

    Video Hoenn General Mon Lyra's Let's Play Nuzlockes: Emerald Edition

    Welcome Welcome one and all to Lyra's Nuzlockes: Emerald Edition! After streaming many a nuzlocke for us, PkmnMasterWheeler is back with her first ever Let's Play series! This time she's returning to the first ever pokemon game she ever beat with a classic Nuzlocke ruleset! Armed with her...
  4. Pcaara

    Video Let's Play Pcaara Plays Pokemon Sword! A blind story analysis Let's play

    Join Pcaara for her first ever let's play series, as she experiences the wild, thirsts over 3D models, and strives to become Galar's greatest! -------------------- Hullo Hullo~! Many of you might already know me from my currently running comic Leftovers: A Hoenn Saga. WELL, all the way back...