1. theCape

    Written Story Kanto Critique Lv.4 Teen Mon Outside the Lines

    Hey everyone! I've been kicking around here for a while now (mostly in mafia games and the discords) and it's finally time to release my run! Thanks to @apocalypsewriter for beta reading for me! I'm planning to release the run in a few groups of chapters, with breaks between each. So Part 1...
  2. FerreTrip

    Screenshot Kanto Mature [ABANDONED] Kinetic Energy - A LeafGreen Bulklocke (CAUTION: WEIRD)

    Being the son of a scientist can make things interesting. On one hand, you grow up rather intelligent and within reach of uncommon resources. On the other, you end up psychic, able to talk to Pokémon, and unable to separate some of your fingers such so that you essentially have only three digits...
  3. TheTRUEgge

    Pokemon Hack Leaf Green Hack Oops! All Ice Puzzles: A Leafgreen ROM Hack (Discussion)

    Exactly what it says on the tin! You can find info about the hack here but if you have any questions/would like to share final teams, feel free to throw them here! tldr on the hack: Kanto is one big ice puzzle now. Have fun.
  4. TheTRUEgge

    Oops! All Ice Puzzles! A Pokemon Leafgreen ROM Hack 1.1

    It all started with a shitpost. (Oh also Sylph being an enabler) Welcome… to Oops! All Ice Puzzles! A Leafgreen ROM hack that covers every single map in a sheet of ice. And I do mean every map. Lucky for you, great care has been taken to make the game traversable, and it’s even kind of fun...
  5. niightear

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon [HIATUS] Simple Beginnings - A LeafGreen Nuzlocke

    note: this nuzlocke has been restarted; everything here is for the restarted run! the og run didn't get that far, for those who didn't see before: the team consisted of a hasty male bulbasaur named waltz who got to level 7, a relaxed male pidgey named blue (route 1 capture) who was caught and...
  6. KittyLitterComics

    Comic Fuzzy's Incompitent Nuzlocke (A Pokemon Leafgreen Nuzlocke Comic)

    Welcome to Fuzzy's Incompitent Nuzlocke! This is a comic I make about my leafgreen nuzlocke playthrough. Just don't ask why the Protagonist is a cat. I don't know why he's a cat. No one knows why he's a cat. There is no answer. Hell, maybe if you follow this comic for the next year you might...
  7. Screenshot Buried Alive: A Ground-breaking Nuzlocke

    This is the first recorded Nuzlocke I'm doing. I've done several others before but this will also be my first second monotype Nuzlocke attempt. (First one ended in such failure. ;-; Lost to Rival's Bulbasaur's different powders) So without further adieu let's get to the rules. In my case, I'm...
  8. Rapidashing

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Self Acceptance: A LeafGreen Nuzlocke

    Hello all! After lurking on the Nuzlocke forums for 9 years and not really drawing for the past 3, I’ve finally decided to start my own comic! I worked on the first 3 pages of the prologue, in what was, a painfully slow process over the course of 2019 as I tried to remember how to draw. And then...
  9. mint0h

    Screenshot Kanto General Commentary Passive Aggressive — LeafGreen 'NO DAMAGING MOVES' Challenge

    Hey everyone, I'm back! I haven't been posting much at all in over a year now, I think. I've been pretty busy with my college studies and other real-life obligations, such as self-healing. Now with the forums finally out of Tapatalk's grasp, I really wanted to make inroads back into this...