kinda blind?

  1. sir cottonee

    Written Log Mixed Media Paldea Teen Commentary Mon Good Scarlet: The Old and the Hopeless

    Spoilers ahead! This is a mostly-blind (stupid yt thumbnails...) Scarlet run in a commentary format with drawings interspersed. I hope you have fun. I mean, I want to have fun. Let's both have fun! Also, I haven't played a pokémon game since White 2. Oops. A quick word of warning - this...
  2. QuietGuardian

    Alola Written Log Teen Other Adventure By the Light of the Moon

    Happy February, folks! This is the month in which I will turn thirty years old—so I thought why not do something to enjoy the occasion? And in this case, “something enjoyable” is playing a new Pokémon game. Now, I don’t have a Nintendo Switch (still debating over whether I should get one), so...
  3. LucarioOfLegends

    Screenshot Unova Teen Ice Ice Baby: A Dumb Stupid Semi-Blind Black 2 Nuzlocke

    (i can't art this is the best you are getting lol) aight so I've never played black and white 2 and apparently its one of the harder games to nuzlocke and I can see literally nothing wrong happening so lets do this regarding semi-blind im still gonna check gym leader and major fight levels...
  4. Tookie

    Galar Written Log Teen Commentary Generation Games- Took Does Shield and Isle of Armour

    So I completely blanked and forgot the SwSh DLC was coming. Oops. One hurried purchase later, I thought what better way to commemorate our first foray into the unfortunate outplaying of team "wait for third version" than a dumb written log"? So! I am playing a fresh Shield run actually as I...