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  1. Repti_0822

    Screenshot Kanto General Journey through the Generations :D

    Hey guys! I'm going to start a new run today, and it's going to be a Generationlocke going through all the generations with a team. The games will be in the thread description and the rules are going to be posted below!
  2. Zefalcon

    Pokemon Yellow Exclusionlocke

    Hello, again! It's time for another Exclusionlocke game! If you missed the first part of this series, I just finished playing through Red and Blue with the rule that I can't reuse Pokemon between games. I use a Bulbasaur in Red? I can never use a Bulbasaur again. Full rules (and the...
  3. ponibutts

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon A Fateful Nuzlocke Challenge - LeafGreen edition

    So after having vague ideas for a story based on the GBC games swimming in my head for over a decade, I finally decided to just say screw it, I'm gonna try. I'm really bad at finishing art projects I start, but these ideas have stuck with me for so long I gotta bring it to life. Initially, this...
  4. Loszgamer

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon The Piston Puncher: A Pokemon Red Hitmonchan Sololocke

    Hello everyone! After my (sigh) finished Topaz nuzlocke, I decided to start another one. This time, I wanna say, inspired by @Erberor 's "Dust in the Wind", I decided to try a sololocke with my favourite Pokemon, Hitmonchan, in my favourite gen, the First. Please no hate, I'm not saying First...
  5. NothingButNuzlocke

    Video Kanto Written Log Mature Commentary Hack Mon NothingButNuzlocke's Very Long Project Begins With Red [COMPLETE]

    Hello, everyone! I'm very new to posting my adventures on forums, so please let me know if I am doing this correctly! I'll try to be as receptive to constructive criticism as I can. I'm NothingButNuzlocke! For a long time, I've wanted to begin a Twitch channel dedicated entirely to Nuzlocke...
  6. Hydrochlorinate

    Kanto Written Log Mature Commentary Mon The Golden Corral: A Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke

    So im doing this nuzlocke because my computer decided it wanted to take a hike for a while and I wasn't able to put my Mobius emerald save onto docs, preventing me from using my phone for playing it. this was actually supposed to be posted like 2-3 months ago but procrastination buffered me...
  7. ashtrayscomics

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Into the Fire - Leaf's Fire Red Nuzlocke

    Four years late to choosing her starter, Leaf is finally ready to leave her small hometown in order to repay a debt she owes to a mysterious Pokemon from her past. She has barely any experience with Pokemon and battling, but with a grumpy Bulbasaur by her side, a ragtag group of Pokemon friends...
  8. Lady Venamisa

    Written Story Screenshot Kanto General Mon Growing Up: A Randomized Fire Red Adventure!

    Hello, everyone. I used to Nuzlocke a long time ago, but decided to leave for a variety of reasons. I attempted Readers-Add-Rules runs that never left the ground, and a Poverty Run that got cut short, among other things. I was disheartened to see what had become of the original forum, but I'm...
  9. Hydrochlorinate

    Hack Pokemon Maroon (Alpha) 0.2.6

    "I should replace all the gen 1 Pokemon with new ones" I said, one fateful night after discovering pokered, "It'll be fun!" I said. Yeah, that's what this hack mainly is. There are a couple of other changes too, like new moves, instant saving, and new dialogue for some NPCs. Currently, we have...
  10. celebrandas

    Kanto Written Log General Commentary Hack Mon A Developer's Journey - DBZ Team Training Nuzlocke

    Hello all! Some of you may remember me from last fall when I tried two nuzlockes and didn't make it far in either of them. Well, I'm back at it again, this time with an attempt at a story log run. I'm going to attempt to write this from the perspective of a developer working on this as an actual...
  11. A Silly LillieLocke 15 - 8

    A Silly LillieLocke 15 - 8

    Saffron Gym aftermath
  12. A Silly LillieLocke 15 - 7

    A Silly LillieLocke 15 - 7

    More Saffron Gym fight
  13. A Silly LillieLocke 15 - 6

    A Silly LillieLocke 15 - 6

    gen 2 held item : berry ... gen 8 held item : rustic sword
  14. A Silly LillieLocke 15 - 5

    A Silly LillieLocke 15 - 5

    New Saffron Gym shenaningans
  15. A Silly LillieLocke 15 - 4

    A Silly LillieLocke 15 - 4

    It is mid-week update time, my peeps! We are going to the actual Saffron Gym(?) Yeah I am sure Lillie is getting it right this time...
  16. A Silly LillieLocke 15 - 3

    A Silly LillieLocke 15 - 3

  17. A SIlly LillieLocke 15-1.png

    A SIlly LillieLocke 15-1.png

  18. A Silly LillieLocke 14- epilogue .png

    A Silly LillieLocke 14- epilogue .png

  19. A Silly LillieLocke Part 14 - 5

    A Silly LillieLocke Part 14 - 5

    Yes that was the gym... Janine does not think it is a good idea to send Lillie for another ninja errand
  20. gettingehedofmyself

    Written Story Kanto Mature Mon EHED- A FireRed Nuzlocke

    Hello everyone! I'm PJ and I've been working on this dang story for about 5 years now. The game itself was completed, gosh, 4 years ago? I just ended up deciding to torment myself one summer and here we are. Titled "Everything Hurts and Everyone Dies" by my hilarious younger sister, this is...