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  1. alan smithee

    Screenshot Johto Commentary Hack The Official Unofficial Super Duper Radical Pokémon Perfect Crystal Nuzlocke: Spooktacular Edition

    Hi hello yes my name is alan smithee, and I enjoy playing baby games for children while placing arbitrary restrictions upon myself in order to make the experience more """fun""". One such baby game for children is Pokémon Perfect Crystal, a ROM hack that attempts to create the definitive Gen II...
  2. Something New - Page 1 (Prologue)

    Something New - Page 1 (Prologue)

  3. diabeticpancake

    Comic Johto Mature Something New - A Pokémon Crystal Nuzlocke

    Hello! Thank you for checking out my thread! -something new- Something New is a Pokémon Crystal nuzlocke following the story of Nicola Luvalle in the big and scary region of Johto! Running from her hometown in search of adventure and change, Nicola embarks on a journey of self discovery...
  4. MintStarMari

    Johto Mixed Media Teen Mon Silver Light: A Pokemon SoulSilver PictureLocke

    Hello everybody. MintStarMari here with the ruleset for a SoulSilver Nuzlocke I'm currently working on. It's my very first run to be posted here. Rules: *Any Pokemon that faints, it's dead. It can't be used anymore and has to be permanently boxed in a special PC box and subsuquently released...
  5. Nate

    Video Johto Teen Team CobraStryke LightningBolt Presents: Pokemon Crystal Randomized Nuzlocke

    Hey, everybody! Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt is back with a Randomized Crystal Nuzlocke! That's pretty neat! Watch us play Wednesdays at 6:30 PM Central Time on Twitch: You can also view our randomizer settings here. You can also watch the vods on Youtube after the stream:
  6. Page 57

    Page 57

    Awww yeah baby we're back! (and with only 1 hour of August left!) New page next Friday, Sept 6th!
  7. silvercoffee

    Screenshot Johto General Mon | Brice Boi - Attempt at Ice/Water Monolocke in Johto! [Chapter 3] updated! |

    Hey everyone! This is going to be the first-ever post that I'm gonna make in this forum. Straight up doing the fan challenge. I'm going to do a monotype nuzlocke challenge but had no idea what type should I choose, so I did a test/quiz about what pokemon type do I prefer and it turns out to be...
  8. CompleteWingback

    "Thanks, Drayano": A Pokémon Storm Silver Charitylocke!

    ===== Welcome, folks! This is my first run both in this forum, and as a whole, since it was also my first ever run on Tapatalk. Instead of having it ported over as I previously intended, I decided to fix a few nooks and crannies as I repost the run gradually – giving me time to cook up the...
  9. original nickname

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Odysseus: A Crystal Run (C3P22)

    So I heard we got a new forum, so it's time to port all this stuff over! Odysseus is a nuzlocke comic I've been working on since 2016. The original comic was about 6 pages in before I abandoned it, then scrapped it, and resumed work starting from afresh. I primarily started work on it for 2...
  10. GoGoGogoat

    Screenshot Johto Teen Hack [REMASTERED] Luminary - a New Gold 2012 run

    Welcome to my third Nuzlocke run! This run was originally played and written in 2015 and 2016. New Gold 2012 is a hack of the original Gold by ericgall23, set 100 years after the Gen 2 games and featuring a super-futuristic, heavily urbanized Johto. Zaazaa0 did a brief, unfinished run...
  11. Ardomew

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Gary's Golden Adventure - A HeartGold Nuzlocke

    Howdy, friends! Welcome to something that I've been really excited to work on for a long time! Some of you might remember that I once worked on a Blue Nuzlocke many years ago. Well, I'm here to bring you a sequel to that comic starring everybody's favourite motherfucker! It's an idea I've...
  12. Emilianite

    Comic Johto General Mon Folded (HeartGold nuzcomic)

    Hey! Folded is a Johto based comic about friendships and mostly lighthearted adventures. The storyline is inspired by the in-game events but other than a basic idea i just kinda came up with rest of the stuff on the go lol. Comic started: March 14th, 2014 Comic finished: July 16th, 2017 General...
  13. Chess

    Written Story Screenshot Johto Mature Mon The Preservation Directive

    What's this? Crystal with minimal writing plans and only slightly more playing ahead? Why not DIRECTIVES are as follows: 1: Capture the first available organism of classifications: Grass, Bug, Flying. No other classifications are necessary for your mission, and thus, effort is not to be...
  14. Garish Garchomp


    This run came about because burnout is real. The short of it is this: I finished Contagious' draft during NaNoWriMo this past November, and then moved onto the next big project. After months of planning and going back to the drawing board and planning and drawing board and so on, I very...
  15. RR Sharp

    [REBOOT] Former Glory: RELOADED

    Time to give Former Glory another shot... And hopefully, it will not end in disaster. *knocks on wood* THE RULES: By The Way, this is not Pokemon Gold but Pokemon Crystal -- Randomized. So here is the log with all of the changes. I'm only including a partial list of Pokemon that I can...
  16. SadisticMystic

    [FINISHED]One Last Golden Return (final update 2017/02/21)

    Generation 2 represented my most active time with the series. After getting started in 1999, I picked up Gold right on its launch date: October 13, 2000, and barely let it come to rest in the shopping bag before opening it up and starting a file. With most of the weekend free, I was able to...