1. DrCools

    [♠️] "Speed"running Johto in style

    "It is a mistake to think that moving fast is the same as actually going somewhere." -- Steve Goodier Alright alright alright, it's time to speedrun Heartgold to try and earn a Spade badge... do we call them badges? Icons? Trophies? Anyways I forgot about this event for a while but I think I...
  2. sir cottonee

    Screenshot Johto Teen ♠️ (♠️) IN A HEARTBEAT - A HeartGold Speedrun

    Hello! This is my submission for @Cas' Speedy Spades Event! I should preface this by saying that this is my first ever speedrun - so this should be a bright new experience for me! I know Johto has some twists and turns but I figure I just have to copy others and things should go well. I'm not...
  3. Zorua3

    Screenshot Johto A Clueless Trainer and his Mouse-Echidna-Badger Run Through Johto

    For @Cas's Speedy Spades event, we will be running through HeartGold as quickly as we can! First few gyms are hella short on screenshots, apologies--I was planning to do something hella barebones until I got somewhat bit by the screenshot bug a few gyms in. I say somewhat because it is still...
  4. SayleeK

    Screenshot Johto Teen Via Memory Lane IX: A HeartGold Nostalgialocke

    <<<Diamond ???>>> Ohhhh what a beautiful morning… Oh what a beautiful day… Not gonna lie, I was big mad when the first previews for the game came out and I found out that my girl Kris wouldn't be back. I've never quite jibed with Lyra's outfit, and dammit, why are we too cowardly to...
  5. Hayfever

    Screenshot Johto ♠️ How to Speed Run HeartGold Badly (With Pictures)

    Hay Nuzlockers, it's Hayfever~ I have so much work ahead of me with the UCL4, but I'm gonna do this Speed Run challenge for the Spades Suit anyway! It's a speed run, so that means it wont take much time, right? Right? Anybody remember WikiHow? The best place for the worst advice, and often...
  6. Maxedrox

    Johto Mixed Media General Ultimate Chaos: Crystal

    Well, new year, new game! I collected the data from my last adventure and choose the Pokemon that I liked most to make a creature from it. Now, is time to choose the new winner from So, here are the rules: Only the first Wild Pokemon can be caught Fainted Pokemon is considered Dead If a...
  7. Zefalcon

    Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Exclusionlocke

    Hey everyone! I'm back from hiatus! Hope y'all have had a good holiday season so far. I'm rested up and ready to continue this series. Couple of important notes. First, Scarlet and Violet are out, so they'll be part of this run now. I still haven't finished the games so I have no clue what...
  8. Trollkitten

    Written Fan General What If... I Wrote the Johto Anime?

    So recently I have discovered Pokemon fan AU videos regarding alternate takes on the anime, manga, and thus forth. This inspired me to make my What If... Pokemon Adventures Was Randomized? AU, which to date has gotten literally no attention and I can't say I blame y'all (imo it does take a while...
  9. RoseQuartz_18

    Written Story Johto Teen Mon Tides Of The Soul: A Pokémon SoulSilver Nuzlocke (COMPLETE!)

    DeviantArt Mirror (coming soon!) You may not remember me, as I've only recently re-signed up for the forums and have been working on this elsewhere, but this is a rewrite of my first of two Nuzlocke stories that I decided to put back on here. The original, crappier version still exists here...
  10. Anemone

    Screenshot Johto A Completely Ordinary Nuzlocke Playthrough of Pokemon Crystal

    are these screenshots tiny or is it just me hi! it's me again. you'd think after my personal deep dive into why I shouldn't document runs I'd, y'know, stop, but here I am what's the gimmick? I don't understand the question. this is a regular nuzlocke. there doesn't have to be a gimmick.
  11. I-Am-Gae-Crossiant

    Comic Johto Teen Crystal Revolations i will (not) give up

    A pokemon crystal nuzlocke well doublelocke between me and my 6 year old sister
  12. Rynale

    Comic Johto Mature Mon Outbreak! Soul Ties

    Outbreak! Soul Ties a soul silver randomlocke Kerrin and Willow have returned! Due to a change in plot and art style, I shall be updating this Locke from the beginning. Due to plot changes, Willow will now be replacing Silver as the main rival. Chapters will be updated monthly I...
  13. THKS

    Screenshot Johto Teen (COMPLETE) Typing Terror: A Randomised HeartGold Nuzlocke

    With a decent bag of success in FireRed Omega and the recently finished Ruby, I’ve decided to take on the one Nuzlocke challenge that has consistently eluded me… HeartGold. I’ve tried my damnedest to Nuzlocke the game, but my interest always seemed to have petered out before the last gym prior...
  14. Written Story Johto General Destiny Is For Chumps: A Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Hello, fellow Nuzlockers! Welcome to Destiny is for Chumps: A Soul Silver Nuzlocke! I'm silvertongue, and it's a pleasure to meet you. In this Nuzlocke, you'll find adventure, snark, antics, and shenanigans of all kinds. I hope you enjoy!
  15. Zefalcon

    Pokemon Crystal Exclusionlocke

    Hello again and welcome to Crystal! Same region as last time, but with some neat differences that I'll get into as we play. As a reminder, I’m taking feedback about which post-game fights to do. The ones I’m considering (and their current vote totals) are listed below With that out of the...
  16. Kit_The_Feef

    Written Story Johto Teen Mon Webs of Silk- A Pokemon SoulSilver Buglocke.

    Here it is. My first written run! It is ready... It's also got an AO3 mirror!
  17. Zefalcon

    Pokemon Gold/Silver Exclusionlocke - the Johto continuation

    Welcome, welcome to a brand new adventure in a shiny new region, Johto! The Johto games, while not the first I ever played, are definitely the ones I spent the most time with as a kid, so I have a ton of nostalgia for them. Are they good for Nuzlockes, though? Eh...they start fine, but the...
  18. Tailsimp

    Video Johto Teen Crystal Cool: Crystal Nuzlocke Streams (Complete)

    Welcome Guys, Gals, and Nonbinary Pals to Crystal Cool: Crystal Nuzlocke Streams! Alternate title: Lyra bullies the Johto Region After finishing her Emerald Version Nostolgialocke, and the extra challenging Platinum Version PMLocke, the great and powerful PkmnMasterWheeler is back with a...
  19. Gecko

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Soul Brothers [COMPLETED; SoulSilver Nuzlocke comic]

    Corey and his adoptive brother, Ty the Totodile, are inseparable siblings ready to take the League challenge together! But their adventure may hold more than they ever bargained for... Teen rating for occasional swearing, violence, and mild blood. Open to constructive feedback about the art...
  20. Vaporwave-Man

    Screenshot Johto Mature Commentary Johto's Bizarre Adventure: A Pokemon Heart Gold Randomized Nuzlocke(2nd Try)

    Hey. If you're wondering about the Pokemon Sword nuzlocke I mentioned in the last run, well I decided to push it back to summer of 2021 or at least when I get enough vacation time to do so. I feel that doing the written log would have been too ambitious to do without a lot of time. So here I am...