1. DIO

    Comic Critique Lv.5 Paldea Teen Mon DIO's Bizarre Nuzlocke: Violet is Unplayable

    DIO's Bizarre Nuzlocke: Violet is Unplayable A Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Duolocke Comic Started November 18, 2022 After making a deal with the President, DIO is transported to an alternate universe where Pokémon exist. His sworn enemy, Jotaro Kujo, soon finds out about his revival and tracks...
  2. DoctorRosalia

    Mafia GioGio's Bizarre Mafia

    Yeehaw, welcome to GioGio's Bizarre Mafia! Where I try to pull my own Vento Aureo twist on a classic forum game and (probably) crash and burn! First off, an intro by @TsubasaMiqo'te ! Now, rule time! [/SPOILER] SIGNUPS Cir Beta1357 ZoroarkOfTheCovenant Alolan Floatzel ZaaZaa0 Second...