1. Fool

    Roleplay Mature Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Soldiers of the Shadows

    It's dark... not too dark, but sightless enough to give a scare. A light begins to fill the air, coming from some shiny stones in the wall of this Stone Prison. Do you know how you got here? How this artifact of a dungeon rose out from the shadows beneath your feet, consuming you? The ground...
  2. Jimcloud

    Screenshot Sinnoh Teen Commentary 4 Sides to Every Brain Cell: a 4-man Randomized Relaylocke

    Boy howdy is that a dark and edgy screenshot opener. Sure would be a shame if somebody went and made a dumb as shit ruleset and turned the whole thing into a joke with their friends, haha, ha. ha.... yeah, about that. This run is a relaylocke between myself, @Robo ,@Umberoff , and @Bayporeon ...
  3. Master Bryss

    Written Story Collaborative Apps Closed Roleplay Teen Bryssus: St. Garcia's Academy for the Unrealistically Mundane

    vita viam invenit Good morning internet, I'm Master Bryss. This is something a little... different. Risus, the Anything RPG, is a light D6-based roleplaying system where, with a little creativity, you can basically run anything you want. For the past few years, I've run several Risus campaigns...